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Ivan Yezhov

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A man killed three of his neighbors after hearing “a wave of hatred” in a video game.

Ivan Yezhov, 34, was imprisoned for life in Russia for the triple murder, the first case of its kind in the country.

Annoyed by his inability to level up in the first person shooter game Doom Eternal, he grabbed a kitchen knife and went to the nearest apartment in Krasnoyarsk after a court hearing.

He stabbed radio and television broadcaster Elena Mutovina, 47, on her doorstep before killing her father, 77, when she got up from the sofa.

His terrified nine-year-old daughter Daniella fled to the bathroom after seeing her family stabbed, leaning on the door, and desperately trying to keep him from opening it.

But Yezhov broke in and killed her.

Then he rearranged the bodies to create the impression that his grandfather was the murderer who later committed suicide.

He was convicted of several murders with “particular cruelty” and “abuse of the corpses of the dead” and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The player was “drunk and under the influence of violent scenes from a computer game he played shortly before the murders,” said a court spokesman.

“Yezhov killed first, then tried to hide the traces of the murders.”