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Who was Jaclyn Lepird ( Missing Couple killed by Mich. Landlord ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Arrest, Investigations and More Facts

Jaclyn Lepird

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Chad Reed, 53, allegedly clashed with his two tenants Jaclyn Lepird  and Joseph Soule because he said they ‘liked to party,’ police say

A landlord from Michigan, who regularly came across tenants, kept him up at night because they “wanted to party” and made a lot of noise, allegedly confessing to murdering them after a blowout. Police.

Chad Reed Age

Chad Reed, 53, of Battle Creek was arrested Thursday and charged with two open murder cases for killing his tenants Joseph Soule, 34, and Jaclyn Lepird, 31, a police sergeant in Battle Creek. Detective Joel Case said at a press conference Thursday afternoon.

Last seen on October 7, the couple’s family members reported their disappearance on Monday and prompted police to open an investigation into their disappearance.

During the investigation that followed, police obtained information from a source that Reed confessed to killing the couple and hiding their bodies, Case said.

Soon after, Reed came to the police station to surrender and confess to detectives, Case said.

Reed reportedly told police that he and the tenants, who lived in an apartment upstairs in his tiny house at 203 Post Avenue in Battle Creek, had argued frequently.

“From everyone we spoke to … it seemed like they had an ongoing argument that they couldn’t get along with,” Case said. “They argued about money, they argued about you.

“It was relatively common for him to complain to people that he was angry with them, that he couldn’t get on with them,” he said.

“loved partying too”

Reed told them the couple “loved partying too” and “kept him up late,” Case said.

“He told others that he had slept poorly again and that he couldn’t sleep because of the noise that was going on,” he said. “It was a bad environment.”

Tensions in the house reached a boiling point on the evening of October 7th. Reed told police he and the couple had started arguing again, but this time he claimed Soule pulled a knife at him, Case said.

Reed told police that “in self-defense, he pulled a gun and shot Joey,” Case said.

Lepird “tried to run away from the residence and at that point he shot him too,” Case said.

Reed reportedly told police he followed her into the back yard and “continued to beat and strangle her until she eventually died in the back yard,” Case said.

Reed reportedly told police he’d wrapped the couple’s bodies in plastic and put them in the back of his van.

The bodies stayed there for a few days, Case said.

But then “friends came over to check them out,” he said.

This would have prompted Reed to drive the truck – with the bodies still inside – to an abandoned garage nearby and leave it there with the door closed, Case said.

Reed is being held in Calhoun County Jail.

He has not asked yet. It is not known whether he has recruited an attorney to speak on his behalf.

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