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Jake Notman

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A man who repeatedly stabbed, strangled and crushed his girlfriend during a psychotic episode after eating a cannabis brownie was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Jake Notman, 27, admitted to the murder of college student Lauren Bloomer, 25, after living on Bingley Avenue, Tamworth, Staffordshire, early in the morning of Friday November 20.

Stafford Crown Court heard that the 25-year-old student “recorded her murder of her” after consulting online about Notman’s “bad trip with marijuana.”

He stabbed Miss Bloomer more than 30 times, but denied killing her, claiming that due to her mental health, he was inappropriate.

Notman, who works at the Jaguar Land Rover auto plant, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter charges on the sixth day of his trial before the Stafford Crown Court Wednesday after prosecutors decided not to add further evidence of a charge of homocide.

In delivering his ruling, Judge May accepted that Notman had committed the murder at the couple’s Tamworth home “at least in part” in response to consuming a small amount of cannabis in a cookie.

The judge told Notman that he was never convicted of killing his partner “in the most unexpected and terrifying way”.

The trial heard that Ms. Bloomer “recorded her own murder” on a cell phone after consulting the Internet about Notman’s “journey with the weed”.

Prosecutor Deborah Gould opened the case last week and told jurors that Ms. Bloomer activated her phone to record what was happening “like something from the Scream movie.”

Video Footage

Describing what was seen or heard in the nearly 17-minute recording that began while the couple were in a bedroom, Ms. Gould told the court: “It shows the defendant when he started attacking Lauren Bloomer, first with his same hands.

“She was just trying to take care of him in this chaotic state with cannabis.

“At the beginning of the recording he is heard laughing and the accused accuses him of making fun of him.”

Notman, the judges heard, was getting aggressive nine minutes after the recording began, about a minute before Ms. Bloomer heard her aunt say “Please help me” on a second phone call.

Ms. Gould added: “There is no doubt that something in the defendant’s behavior prompted Lauren to record on this cell phone.

“The audio recorded Lauren’s screams and cries for help.”

Notman was then heard saying “I’ll take care of it” before the sound of a running engine is heard.

A shot was then recorded on the victim’s phone as Notman’s Ford Kuga passed over them.

The defendant, who worked for Jaguar Land Rover in Solihull, was seen by neighbors running over his partner’s body and doing nothing to help him before entering his home.

Then he dialed 999 at 1:32 am. and he informed the operator that he was told that I had killed my girlfriend.

Notman did not comment in five interviews with police, instead making a statement suggesting that the cannabis brownie, the first one he consumed, contained more than just cannabis.

Defense attorney Andrew Fisher QC gave a short speech to the jury at the start of the trial, arguing that Notman suffered an “extreme and flowery psychiatric episode in which he was completely disconnected from reality and went completely delusional.”

Explaining the Crown’s decision not to provide evidence for the homicide census, Crown Attorney Ben Douglas-Jones said three psychiatrists charged with evaluating Notman determined that he had no intention of proving the allegations.

Mr. Douglas-Jones told the court: “All three experts agree that the defendant’s psychiatric response to cannabis, based on the evidence, including the record, was so profound that he could not see what was real and what not.

“Specifically, I couldn’t tell if Lauren Bloomer was alive or dead, real or not. In other words, he couldn’t tell if she was with someone else or not.

“The Crown reviewed the high-level evidence within the CPS and, after careful consideration, determined that the murder charges could not be prosecuted.”

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