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Jaleel Uqdah

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The suspect, wanted for the s*xual assault of a 55-year-old woman in Macy’s Center City, was arrested Wednesday. Police announced the arrest of 22-year-old Jaleel Uqdah this afternoon.

Uqdah was arrested this morning at his West Philadelphia home.

Police say the suspect had a very distinctive gait that helped them identify him.

Although he did not confess, the authorities recovered the clothes he was wearing on the day of the attack.

According to police, Uqdah entered Macy’s home on a mission Sunday morning.

“He went to this store at 11:11, then went to the store. He was in the bathroom in less than three minutes, “said Mark Burgmann, captain of the Philadelphia police.

The suspect waited in the women’s bathroom on the third floor for more than 20 minutes before he entered his victim. During the attack, authorities said that he had threatened to stab and kidnap her before responding.

“He went underground and took Market-Frankford El and went down between 52 and Market Street. From 52 to Market Street he took a bus to 52 to Girard Street,” the detective said. Philadelphia Police Station Vincent Strain.

Additional surveillance photos released Tuesday night gave police advice. One suggestion in particular led police to his West Philadelphia home at 53rd Street North, where a warrant gave them access.

According to authorities, Uqdah was shocked when the police appeared, but she was arrested without incident.

In this case, the public, Macy’s and SEPTA did everything possible to help locate her suspect.

“She has cost a lot of work and we are very grateful. We always coordinate these works with them, “said Burgmann.

The police intend to compare Uqdah’s DNA with other crimes committed in the city.

For this incident, she faces a variety of charges, including rape, aggravated assault and robbery.