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Who is James Cooper ( Gym owner charged because he was using his own facilities during lockdown ) Wiki, Bio, Details, Crime, Investigations and More Facts

James Cooper

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  • James Cooper owns Body Transformation in Hampstead, London
  • He was stunned when seven officers showed up at his gym and tried to enter.
  • He was viewing a security system when the police and Camden Council closed the door on him.
  • The officers walked around the back and one of them tried to manipulate a key box on a wall.
  • Cooper, who trains the city’s celebrities and CEOs, has vowed to take legal action.

Failed police broke into a closed gym because the owner was still using the facilities during the closure and threatened legal action.

James Cooper, owner of Body Transformation in Hampstead, north London, was shocked when seven officers showed up at his gym and tried to enter.

He entered his security system and saw the police and Camden Council staff knock on his door for an hour.

When they were unable to access, the officers returned and one attempted to tamper with a key box on the gym wall in what Mr. Cooper believes was an attempt to enter his property without a warrant.

Cooper, who trains a variety of high-profile clients, from celebrities to CEOs to city attorneys, has vowed to prosecute the police.

He told“The police made a big mistake when they tried to break into my property.

“I’m taking you to court for this, you screwed up the wrong person, I have enough.”

“This is for all the entrepreneurs who are in trouble now. We can no longer accept this nonsense.

“You cannot enter someone’s facilities, no one was in danger inside, the place was empty, what right do you have to try to enter?

“I was at home and saw a knock on my doors trying to get in and access my key box.”

“I can hear them saying that they don’t have an arrest warrant because my system is also recording sound. I can not anymore.

“What happened to the world when seven officers spent an hour of their time in my gym?”

He added: “You definitely have better things to do with your time in a big city like London.

“ I bought everything from my blood, sweat and tears in this gym. My dream was to have my own gym and I built this business from scratch.

“I have put all my investments into my business and I am not going to sit back and let them try to destroy it.”

Cooper, who studied nutrition at King’s College London, is one of many gym owners struggling with “draconian rules” that are leaving their businesses in shambles.

Many gyms across the country have refused to close their doors during the restrictions, claiming that they provide an important service that improves physical and mental health.

Gyms were ordered to close under the latest lockdown rules, but the government has confirmed that it will lift the ban on December 2 with a tiered system.

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