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James Dale Reed

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The Maryland man was arrested last week after being caught with a doorbell camera. According to an American attorney in Maryland, he left a message on the door of his residence threatening Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, a friend of Kamala Harris and his supporter. .

James Dale Reed, 42, was accused of threatening a presidential candidate or senior vice president with a note posted in the Frederick couple’s mailbox with a Biden / Harris poster. in his courtyard.

“We take these kinds of threats very seriously,” said Robert Hur, a US District Attorney for Maryland County. “Such threats of violence are illegal and have no place in our democracy, and we hold them accountable.”

The letter is handwritten with the word “ATTENTION” in red above it and is addressed to “Anyone who reads this letter, if they are a Biden / Harris follower, will be a target”.

“We have a list of houses and addresses with their election posters,” the statement said. “We have these weapons of fear, we are the ones whose children have nightmares.”

Followings are the letter contents

The note threatens even more: “Anyone who supports Biden / Harris, like Gabby Giffords, will decide for myself what a subsequent California customer can’t do.” Personally, I put the Glock 17 on top of his head and make sure his brain comes from the back of his skull. “”

As for Biden and Harris, the note states: “If we catch Grandpa Biden, we will all beat him hard to death when Mrs. Harris is bent over and raped in the ass with a gun barrel.” For the final round, both will then be shown on national television. “”

Mark Posthuma, the owner of the house where the note was left, told WBAL that he and his wife did not know Reed.

“I found it pretty scary, but in the current political climate, it’s probably not too surprising,” Posthuma said, adding, “my wife and I will vote and vote for the people I supported.”

According to prosecutors, Reed denied the originally filed note, but later admitted leaving it “as a warning to Biden-Harris, LGBTQ, BLM, and anyone else who noticed. Support these leaders or groups.”

The documents also revealed that Reed was aware of US intelligence against President Barack Obama due to the threats he posed in 2014.

Reed Charged

Court documents show Reed has also been charged in the state of Maryland with threats of mass violence, counting violations and election crimes, according to the Frederick News Post.