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Who is James Raymond Taylor (World’s oldest successful cold case is solved)? James Raymond Taylor Wiki, Bio, Age, Victim, Full Story, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More Facts

James Raymond Taylor

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James Raymond Taylor, 57-year-old rape and murder case about to be resolved after genetic evidence prompted police to issue an arrest warrant for an 80-year-old suspect when family members presented themselves as genetic matching in an online consumer database.

Margaret ‘Peggy’ Beck was Raped and Murdered

Margaret ‘Peggy’ Beck was raped and killed in 1963 at the age of 16 in a scout camp in Jefferson County, Colorado, United States.

Margaret 'Peggy' Beck

Police are looking for James Raymond Taylor, who would now be 80 years old if he was still alive, suspected of rape and murder at the Flying G Ranch years ago, reports KDVR.

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Using genetic material stored at the crime scene, scientists were able to profile the suspect’s DNA in 2007 and 2019.
These DNA profiles then led the detectives to family members of the suspect, whose DNA appeared to be consistent in online consumer databases. These contain, among other things, genetic information from the countries of origin, as well as DNA test kits.

The case is the oldest today which would have been resolved by genetic genealogy.

Jefferson County Sheriff Statement

Jeff Shrader, Jefferson County Sheriff, said in a statement, “Nothing would be nicer than handcuffing James Taylor.”
The investigators were assisted by Mitch Morrissey, the former attorney general of Denver, who works for the United Data Connect DNA database.

Mr. Morrissey said: “Nowhere in the world have you solved such an old case with genetic genealogy.”

Sheriff’s investigator Elias Alberti said that although James Taylor is now identified, he has not found him yet and does not know if he is alive.

The last proof of Mr. Taylor’s existence was a sighting in Las Vegas in 1976. He has a long list of offenses in Las Vegas dating back to the early 1970s.
Investigators believe he also lived in Edgewater, New Jersey in the 1960s and was married as a television repairman at the time of the murder, reports the Denver Post.

Mr. Alberti told the publication that he thought Mr. Taylor might be aware of the ranch scouts because he was building HAM radios in the area he visited for testing.

No suspect was identified without witnesses at the time of the murder.

Signs of sexual assault

Mr. Morrissey said that the night of Margaret’s tentmate assault fell ill and was in the hospital wing, leaving her alone in the tent.

Alberti added: “There were marks on her [James Raymond Taylor, 57-year-old rape and murder case about to be resolved after genetic evidence prompted police to issue an arrest warrant for an 80-year-old suspectMargaret’s] neck and there were signs of sexual assault.”

Miss Beck was the oldest of the four sisters. Her three sisters all live with Sheriff Shrader, who describes this search for justice after years of grief as a “painful time” for her.

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