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James Schulz

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Texas police on Friday were looking for a man accused of refusing to wear a mask at a Jack in the Box restaurant and then stabbing the shift supervisor with an alleged razor.

This week’s incident in League City, southeast of Houston, follows a similar situation in nearby towns where a woman was arrested after refusing to wear a mask, first in a bank and then in a supply store. for office.

James Schulz Age

League City police said 53-year-old James Schulz was wanted for stabbing Jack in the Box Wednesday night. Police said he was not arrested on Friday.

Police Chief Gary Ratliff said an arrest warrant was issued for Schulz for assault and assault with a deadly weapon. Your deposit is set at $ 40,000.

Police said the incident began when Shulz refused to follow the restaurant’s guidelines that he should wear a mask to protect himself from the spread of the coronavirus. Police say they subsequently attacked the manager.

The manager had three stab wounds in the arm and upper chest, police said. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released.

Governor Greg Abbott last week overturned state ordinances requiring people to wear face masks in public, saying companies should be free to decide what COVID-19 precautions to take on their properties. Many companies have their own guidelines for masks.

Melissa Stewart, regional executive director of the Texas Restaurant Association, said there have been few cases of customers refusing to wear face masks in restaurants. She said that incidents like those in League City are very rare and extreme situations, and restaurant staff can often turn to hospitality and customer service techniques to quickly defuse confrontations and find easy solutions for customers.

“Angry people are tough and we don’t want our guests to be masked cops, nobody wants that,” Stewart said. “The best guide is to have a plan and a guide to make sure everyone is on the right track. The same page so it is applied consistently and from there.”

Stewart said over 70% of the restaurants he works with said in an investigation after the revocation of the state mandate about masks that they wanted to continue requiring employees to wear masks, but the requirement for a mask for customers has been resolved. in one case. case by case. – Base case of each company according to the expectations of its community. Stewart said clients were never required to wear masks when seated and that the previous state mandate for the masks included exceptions for people citing medical conditions not to hide.

And some companies that kept their COVID-19 precautions despite Abbott’s lifting of restrictions have put up with people’s wrath. A co-owner of Picos, a Mexican restaurant in Houston, said that after maintaining the restrictions, the restaurant received calls and texts threatening to call U.S. customs and immigration officials.

An Oregon woman was arrested Wednesday in Texas City, Texas, on an arrest warrant from nearby Galveston, after refusing to wear a mask at a Bank of America branch last week.

Terry Wright, 65, was arrested after walking into a Texas city office warehouse and refusing to wear a mask, police said. She was arrested on Galveston’s warrant for raping and resisting arrest.