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Who is James Watkins ( Man killed Calif. Nurse who Was Found Dead Along Hiking Trail in 1995 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Arrest, Family, Investigation and More Facts

James Watkins

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James Watkins, California authorities investigating the 1995 murder of a 37-year-old nurse Christine Susan Munro and mother of four say they closed the case thanks to well-preserved DNA evidence and recent scientific advances.

A press conference on Friday,

At a press conference on Friday, Redding Police and Shasta County attorneys announced that James Watkins, a man from Texas, 42, has been charged with the murder of the stabbing death of Christine Susan Munro, whose body was found along the Sacramento River Trail. over 25 years.

Munro was absent when she was allegedly ambushed by Watkins, then 17.

His body was found on June 24, 1995.

Shasta District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett said

Shasta District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett said on Friday that Watkins was indicted for Munro’s death last month.

The charges against him include improvements for lying, murder in kidnapping and murder in progress or for the purpose of rape.

The case has been taken to juvenile court due to Watkins’ age at the time of his alleged crime, but is likely to face adult court – a process that can take months.

Prosecutors also cannot prosecute the death penalty, as Watkins was 17 at the time of the murder.

Watkins has yet to file a complaint against him and will appear in court for the first hearing in his case later this week.

The suspected killer was serving a 14-year sentence for robbery in a Texas state prison, police said Friday.

Investigator Rusty Bishop began re-examining the evidence in the Munro case late last year, officials said on Friday.

Munro-origin nail scratches were taken to the Justice Department for re-analysis, and prosecutors said there was a match with Watkins’ DNA in June.

Watkins was questioned in August and the prosecution decided to extradite him to California.

Another man came forward in 1997 claiming he was Munro’s killer, but investigators said he fabricated the confession and ruled him out as a suspect.