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TikTok user Janelle Elise Flom posted woman’s hair viral TikTok video, Wiki, Bio, Incident details, TikTok and More Facts

Janelle Elise Flom

TikTok user Janelle Elise Flom posted video

A delicate situation with a passenger taking revenge on a thoughtless woman sitting in front of her began on social media.. TikTok user Janelle Elise Flom posted a video of a woman tossing her long blonde hair into her seat – and, on the passenger’s TV screen, a woman sitting behind her too.

She takes the hair and tosses it back on the seat, but the other woman, apparently annoyed, immediately turns it over.

The footage – hilarious and terrible at the same time – then shows the passenger in the back seat driving his hair into town with a wad of chewing gum stuck to it.

But it’s getting worse.

Then she cuts part of the hair with a nail clipper and then sticks a lollipop on it.

And if that wasn’t enough, she dips the wicks into her coffee cup.

At some point a masked flight attendant walks around without noticing the gimmicks. Or maybe she just deleted it.

“On which side are you ?!” Flom gave her post a title that has been viewed over 10.8 million times since it was posted on Thanksgiving.

The hair-raising act was so bold that some wondered if it had been staged.

“It has to be a wig and it’s staged,” wrote one user.

“Come on, that’s a wig !!! Totally staged !!! You think after she turned it over, she didn’t feel all that stuff in her hair!” Said another.

But many have campaigned for retaliation against the offended woman.

“At first I disagreed, but she kept going back,” wrote one person.

“No, see if you have all the hair on my screen and I will ask you to remove it and you will have no problem,” said Tevin Katumba.

Another user added, “I fully support their actions.”

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