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Who was Jasmin Probst ( Woman 31, Found dead at the bottom of Swiss lake ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Jasmin Probst

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A woman was found dead at the bottom of a Swiss lake after being sunk with a weight of 40 kilograms.

Jasmin Probst, 31, was found dead in Lake Thun in Switzerland earlier this month. She was reportedly thrown into the lake with a weight of 40 kg around her body.

The Swiss police have opened an investigation into Jasmine’s death, but have reportedly been unable to identify her at first.

When she was pulled out of the water, emergency services noticed that she had tattoos on her back of an owl and the name “Gayle San”, a DJ from Singapore.

Gayle, who had an impact on the London dance scene in the 1990s, found out and appealed through social media to identify Jasmine.

The online appeal was successful and helped the police discover Jasmine’s identity.

The police have said that Jasmine is also a DJ and believe that she probably decided to get Gayle’s name tattooed due to the influence of her career.

After her identity was confirmed, people took to social media to express remorse for the loss of her.

Jasmine’s friends and acquaintances described her as a friendly and open-minded young woman who loved life and brought the highest level of creativity to her music.

It is said that her career is booming and that she played an important role in the Swiss dance scene.

Musician and close friend of hers DJ Denny Sutton recalled the hardships Jasmine had gone through in her life as she changed her childhood from orphanages to adulthood.

She was reportedly struggling with money, and was reportedly affected by the shutdown of the local music scene due to the Covid-19 pandemic.