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Who was Jason Kelk ( UK’s longest inpatient with Covid-19 has tragically died ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Family and More Facts

Jason Kelk

Jason Kelk Biography                                                     Jason Kelk Wiki

Jason Kelk, the UK’s “longest inpatient with Covid-19” has tragically died after a 14-and-a-half month struggle in hospital.

Jason Kelk Age

Jason Kelk, 49, decided to discontinue treatment after deciding he could no longer live like this at St. James’ Hospital in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

It was first taped on March 31 last year – just a day after TV presenter Kate Garraway’s husband, Derek Draper.

The elementary school’s computer science teacher has stayed there since then until he was transported to a nearby hospice this morning, where he spent his final hours with his family.

His heartbroken wife Sue Kelk, 63, said her husband’s struggle had become too much and he had made the decision to stop treatment.

As a tribute to her 20-year-old “soul mate”, Ms. Kelk added: “It was so peaceful. It was definitely important for him to do it on his terms.

“But he leaves a lot of people totally deprived.

“People might not think he was brave, but my God, he was brave. I really think he has.

“And I just think this is the bravest thing you can ever do – actually say,” I don’t want to live like this anymore. ”

Mr. Kelk, who suffered from type II diabetes and asthma, was hospitalized on March 31st. Only a few days later, on April 3, he was transferred to the intensive care unit.

He has stayed there since, fighting for his life on numerous occasions after the virus ravaged his lungs and destroyed his kidneys.

Mr. Kelk developed such severe stomach problems that he had to be fed intravenously after his death.

He suffered from frequent vomiting due to gastroparesis and could not walk unaided most of the time in the hospital.

The ordeal was even more challenging for the couple as the Covid restrictions meant that they could only see each other a few times while he was on the ward, but instead had to communicate using other means such as face time calls.

There was hope in March of that year when he marked 15 days in a row without a ventilator.

He was taken off by a kidney filter around the clock and enjoyed outdoor family visits on the hospital grounds once a week.

And before that, Ms. Kelk said she felt about “10 feet tall” when he was able to walk with help for the first time in February.

At the time, he revealed his hope of returning to his Leeds home and said he would “sit on our sofa and have takeaway fish and chips with Sue while we watch TV”.

He added, however, “I’ve lost hope a few times, mainly because the goal I’m working towards already seems so far away.”

As Mr. Kelk’s recovery progressed, he was able to drink cups of tea and eat cake, as well as return to one of his passions – computer programming.

But in early May he got worse and had to turn the ventilator on and off for a few days before developing two infections.

Ms. Kelk said her husband never really recovered from them.

He was on the ventilator all day three weeks ago, and Ms. Kelk said that was when he decided he had enough.

She said, “He just wanted everything to end. The antibiotics had worked, but his courage was gone. ‘

Ms. Kelk added, “I think Jason from February 2020 is really gone. This is the Jason we knew. But the Jason everyone loved was still very much there.

“I think I prepared for myself from the start. Not that I didn’t think he could do it.

“In the last few weeks before his relapse, I was just starting to say, ‘maybe I can hope now,’ and then I was getting kicked in the teeth.”

Mr Kelk was surrounded by his wife, mother, father and sister when he died this morning.

He leaves behind five stepchildren and eight grandchildren – two born last year who he never met – and another is on the way.

Ms. Kelk said she will miss his sense of humor and “just being” the most, adding, “[My daughter] Katie wrote a beautiful poem about him and said we were soul mates and that was who we were.

“We finished each other’s sentences half the time. We just instinctively knew what the other wanted. We just complemented each other. ‘

“It was certainly a very fun life with him. We did some fun things – but we had a lot of things we wanted to do. ‘

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