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Jason Neo Bourne

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A 12-year-old boy was shot and killed while a neighbor who killed his mother and wounded his older sister pointed a gun at his head during an argument with police in Nevada on Tuesday.

The Henderson Police Department has not officially identified the victims, but relatives and a Catholic school in Utah revealed that Diana Hawatmeh, 39, and her son Joseph were among the victims.

Hawatmeh’s daughter, Yasmeen, 16, was seriously injured and hospitalized Thursday.

Incident Details

Diana Hawatmeh, 39, (second from right) and her 12-year-old son Joseph (front and center) were shot and killed in an incident involving her neighbor and police in Nevada. The 16-year-old daughter of the Yasmeen woman (far right) was injured in the shooting

Henderson, Nevada police received a call to emergency health services Tuesday about gunshots and “someone with a possible gunshot wound at a nearby door.” When the police arrived, they found three people with gunshot wounds.

Police said suspect Jason Neo Bourne, 38, held Diana Hawatmeh’s 12-year-old son hostage in a car. When he pointed a gun at the boy’s head, the officers opened fire. José was pronounced dead on the spot

The shooting also resulted in the death of a 33-year-old woman who has yet to be identified.

Police said the incident began at 11 a.m. Tuesday when police and paramedics were dispatched to the 1400 block of Stonelake Cove Avenue to report the shots and a person lying on the ground outside an apartment door.

Officers arrived on the scene to find Diana Hawatmeh and the other woman who had died from gunshot wounds, and Hawatmeh’s daughter was injured.

Shooter Located

Police located the alleged shooter, identified as Jason Neo Bourne, 38, armed with a pistol and barricaded in a nearby vehicle, the kidnapped 12-year-old son of Hawatmeh.

“When the police tried to defuse the situation, Bourne pointed the gun at the young man’s head, which resulted in a shooting involving the police,” said a police news release.

Police removed the baby from the car and attempted CPR, but he was pronounced dead with Bourne on the spot.

Hawatmeh and her family divide their time between Nevada and Utah. Married, mother of three, she worked as a substitute and Zumba teacher

When a police spokesman was contacted by phone Thursday morning, he declined to say whether Bourne had shot Joseph Hawatmeh or a police officer.

The police statement revealed that a preliminary investigation revealed that Bourne “fired several shots at the vehicle.”

Family and friends said Diana Hawatmeh and her family split their time between Sandy, Utah and Henderson, Nevada.

Police say Bourne was a neighbor of the family and lived above his home in Hawatmeh. No reason was immediately available.

Diana worked as a substitute teacher at Saint John the Baptist High School in Utah, where her son, known as JoJo, was in the seventh grade. She was also a Zumba instructor and entrepreneur, ABC4 reported.

According to a letter, Diana was an active member of the Skaggs Catholic Center parish, her husband and her eldest son Layth were not involved in the shooting in Nevada.

About 200 people gathered in Draper, Utah on Wednesday for a vigil honoring murdered members of the Hawatmeh family.

Officers photographed Tuesday at the scene of a fatal shooting outside an apartment complex in Henderson, Nevada

During a vigil Wednesday night in Draper, Utah, about 200 friends and community members mourned the victims.

“It was unique. She was special. She was kind. She was classy. She was nice, very kind, “Diana’s close friend Mary Ann Horn told Fox 13.

Galey Colosimo Describe

Galey Colosimo, principal of Juan Diego Catholic High School, described the shooting that killed Diana and Joseph Hawatmeh as “a stomach ache” and “a tragedy of immeasurable proportions.”

“She was a woman of faith, a very family-oriented mother and wife,” she told the Deseret News of the married mother of three. “Very lively, very funny and with a lot of energy, a beautiful woman.”

Felicia Frakes, secretary at Saint John The Baptist High School, said Joseph loved acting and attending theater performances, while her sister, who is a student at Juan Diego Catholic High School, sang in the choir and played volleyball. .