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Who is Jayden McCarthy ( Man convicted of 13 s*x assaults and rape at the Devon nursery ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Victims, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Jayden McCarthy

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A teenage Jayden McCarthy kindergarten assistant who committed a series of s*xual assaults on young children where he worked was sentenced to fourteen and a half years in prison.

Jayden McCarthy convicted of 13 s*xual assaults

Jayden McCarthy was convicted of 13 s*xual assaults in kindergarten and raping a three-year-old girl at the family-run center.

He was also convicted on two counts of raping a boy who was eight and nine years old five years earlier.

McCarthy was only caught when a three-year-old girl told her mother that the then 16-year-old apprentice had carried out a serious s*x attack on her.

He committed the rape in kindergarten the same day he s*xually abused two other girls there.

The police were alerted and officers examined 265 hours of video surveillance from the family-run Jack and Jill Kindergarten in Torquay, Devon.

McCarthy was charged with another 13 cases of s*xual assault against seven other girls and one boy between the ages of two and four.

After his arrest, another boy came forward and said McCarthy raped him in 2014.

McCarthy was convicted by a jury of all three rapes and 13 s*xual assaults in May after a two-week trial in Exeter Crown Court.

Yesterday, Judge David Evans sentenced him to a total of 14.5 years of juvenile detention, and the victims’ family members applauded, as the judge said.

He will serve two-thirds of the sentence – seven years – behind bars and will be closely monitored upon release, and face a further three-year sentence in addition to his sentence.

The judge told the teenager: “You are a dangerous offender and pose a significant risk for the public to cause serious harm by committing other specific s*xual offenses. In this nursery one could hardly contain one’s s*xual urges.

“Between June 26 and July 29, you s*xually abused eight other children in your care, ages two and four, in 13 different and apparently obvious incidents of s*xual assault.

“You are immature. I take into account your childhood experiences, child abuse, and significant neglect. There are no clear mental health problems, but you do have a mental illness.

“You had accepted a job in a day-care center and had received protection and training to protect the young and vulnerable children whose care you were entrusted with.”

He said he raped the little girl in a toilet area where CCTV cameras were understandably off, unlike many areas of Jack and Jill’s nursery.

The father of the little girl he raped told the court they did not know what the future effects or harm would be for them.

He said, “I think Jayden McCarthy broke me as a person, the worst a devoted parent should endure. She is very suspicious of men, suffers from night terrors and bed wetting. ‘

The raped boy told the court he felt isolated and was constantly afraid of the abuse he had suffered and was in and in survival mode.

He said he was “feeling ashamed and embarrassed, unable to breathe and in a state of fear”.

Defense attorney Nick Lewin said McCarthy lost seven pounds during the trial and continues to deny any wrongdoing.

He said the youth suffered hardship as a child and as a young adult.

McCarthy, of Brixham, Devon, was 16 when he was hired as a kindergarten apprentice in March 2019.

He is now 18 years old and the court heard that he raped the boy when he was 12 years old and this attack was reported at the daycare after the assaults.

McCarthy got the job after showing references and being interviewed by the owners, and he wasn’t on an exception list as he had no criminal record, warning, or reprimand.

But McCarthy came from a difficult background – a mother with mental health problems and four children, all of whom lived on different fathers, who lived in a dirty house where the mother often slept and hid food in bedroom drawers.

Prosecutor Jason Beal told the jury that the s*xual assaults ranged from raping a girl orally to touching children s*xually over their clothing.

He said, “The assaults were not observed at the time.”

But in July 2019, a mother innocently asked her daughter about her day in kindergarten and said, “Jayden put his nipple in my mouth. It tasted gross. ‘

The little girl’s father used the term ‘daddy’s nipple’ when she had a bath with him and he used the word to refer to his penis.

The family contacted the kindergarten and the police, McCarthy was suspended and the police investigation went through hours of video surveillance – leading to 13 s*xual assault charges against the teenage worker.

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