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Who was Jayne Carpenter ( Nurse 53, Who lost both legs found hanged ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Information and More Facts

Jayne Carpenter

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A BRAVE nurse who lost both legs and an arm to sepsis was found hanged by her husband

Jayne Carpenter, 53, had only one limb when she developed sepsis four years ago while suffering from a simple cough.

The brave Jayne has vowed to keep the fight going by raising money for innovative limb surgeries not available on the NHS.

She had raised over £ 20,000 of her goal of £ 265,000 but said she didn’t have the quality of life but she could handle it.

Incident Details

An investigation revealed that her husband Rob, 56, received a call from Jayne on Dec. 7 asking her to come pick up their dog.

She arrived at Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales at 4.30pm and found a sweater covering a window at the front door.

Investigation revealed that Rob entered the interior and found his wife hanged.

The cause of death is awaiting further investigation.

After her death, her husband paid tribute to Rob online, saying, “The brightest star in my sky has burned out.

“The godly Jayne was dying to lead an active life and said her independence was taken from me overnight.”

She was admitted to intensive care in May 2016 when her cough turned into fatal sepsis and more than 30,000 people died in the UK each year.

Jayne spent nine weeks in a coma and her husband learned that she would need multiple amputations to survive.

The couple hoped to undergo osseointegration surgery, which involves placing artificial limbs on a patient’s bone.

However, it was feared that she did not have enough bone for a successful operation.

Friends and family have now paid tribute to the “nice and beautiful woman”.

Coroner Rachel Knight updated Pontypridd’s investigation to February 2022.

Jayne spoke to The Sun in 2017 and shared the battle over the loss of a limb.

She said: “One minute I coughed, the next I was in a survival machine.

“The doctor told Robert he had neutropenic sepsis and said, ‘He’ll die if we don’t amputate him. ”

“All Robert wanted to know was if he would survive.

“You are living proof that none of us know what to expect. Life can change beyond recognition in five minutes.

“Robert is my absolute rock and has proven that his love is absolutely unconditional. I feel so lucky to have it.

“I am determined to make the most of every second of every day.”