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Who was Jeff Guernsey ( Local firefighter who died from COVID-19 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, COVID, Information and More Facts

Jeff Guernsey

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Local firefighter Jeff Guernsey last week from coronavirus.

Lt. Jeff Guernsey’s family is inviting the public to attend the event after the private memorial service, according to the community.

Guernsey died on December 3 at the age of 52. According to the congregation, the procession will begin at approximately 11:15 am at Fairhaven Church on East Whipp Road in Centerville.

It is escorted by officers from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and contains Engine 42, the vehicle that represents where Guernsey was parked, the community said.

The event, which is expected to last around 45 minutes, will also include additional firefighting equipment, as well as family and friends invited to the private funeral, authorities said.

The processional route will include the following routes: north on Marshall, west on Rahn, south on Mad River, and east on Whipp, where station 42 will pass according to the community.

It will go south on Ohio 48 before turning onto Bradstreet Road and then onto Maple Avenue before heading west on Ohio 725, authorities said.

It will then head south on McEwen Road before ending up at the fire department headquarters, station 45.

Guernsey began his career in 1990 with Washington Twp. Fire Department providing emergency services and fire protection to the community and city of Centerville. Previously he served in the United States Navy.

Social distances and masks are necessary at all times throughout the procession out of respect for the family’s request, depending on the neighborhood.