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Who was Jeffery Strock ( Man Who Killed His Ex-girlfriend and Then Killed himself ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Suicide, Investigations and More Facts

Jeffery Strock

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Vermont officials are investigating the shocking murder and suicide allegedly committed by an experienced police officer who had clear duty information, ”Jeffery Strock” bring her ex-girlfriend to home and shot her after that he killed himself.

Julie Fandino was shot and killed at her home in Barre Town on Wednesday afternoon. Investigators believe Jeffery Strock, a part-time officer with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, drove Fandino home on her shift Monday and shot her before shooting herself.

According to the Report

The property manager was nearby at the time of the incident and stopped at his home after noticing a police patrol. The manager found the bodies of Fandino and Strock (58) right in front of the house. The 51- and 58-year-old fandinos are part of several relationships.

Fandino’s daughter, 23, was home and sleeping at the time of the alleged murder and suicide, according to WCAX.

Strock would be in a relationship with Fandino for about five years, but the couple separated and married someone else. The official wanted to revive the relationship, but authorities did not release any information about Strock and Fandino’s communications prior to the fatal shooting.

Strock had no record of any disciplinary action taken against him for 20 years. But family and friends learned that police were told that Strock had recently shown signs of mental health problems.

“There is certainly evidence of depression and self-harm, but people who have had this information may not know it. I don’t know what they did with it,” said Major Dan Trudeau of the police department. The state of Vermont in the press center. “Maybe it could have helped if some information had been passed on.”