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Who was Jeffrey Spaide ( Engineer and US Navy veteran shot Pennsylvania couple and committed suicide in his home )

Jeffrey Spaide

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A Pennsylvania couple who was shot and killed by their neighbor for shoveling snow in their backyard is now in the photo, as the gunman was exposed as an engineer and veteran of the US Navy.

Pennsylvania couple

James Goy, 50, and his wife Lisa Goy, 48, were shot and killed Monday at point-blank range in the middle of their street in Plains Township after an argument with his neighbor.


Gunner Jeffrey Spaide, 47, committed suicide in his home before police arrived.

Heartbreaking surveillance footage before the film shows the couple yelling at Spaide from outside the house before showing up with a gun, firing multiple shots and wounding them.

According to authorities, Spaide then returned home to retrieve an AR rifle, which he used to execute the couple on the street.

He had worked as a licensed engineer for more than 20 years, most recently with the Lackawanna River Basin Sewer Authority and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

The obituary did not address the cause of his death, only saying that he died at his home on Monday.

Spaide was not married and, according to the obituary, has no children. He has been described as a “loving son, brother and uncle” who enjoyed running marathons and spending time with his family.

The neighbors he shot are survived by their 15-year-old autistic son.

Authorities say the suicide occurred after Spaide argued with the couple about removing snow from his cars and dumping them on his property across the street.

Neighbors are believed to have a history and were involved in an altercation two months ago after a storm.

Police had no record of previous incidents between the Goys and the Spaides. The police also knew the assailant for no other reason.

Surveillance footage shows James throwing his tool aside and approaching Spaide as he punches him.

The Goys could be heard yelling at Spaide and calling them “mother ******” and “damn”.

Spaide could be seen retreating into the house as James yelled “I’m going to turn you off” and “I’m going to make your life hell.”

Moments later, Spaide emerged from his house, gun in hand.

Le Goy, seemingly unfazed, continued to yell with Lisa and yelled, “Come on! Come on!”

Spaide then fired several shots before hitting the pair. James could be heard screaming as his wife collapsed on the street.

He then returned to his house and appeared moments later with an AR-15 rifle with which he executed his neighbors.

“You should have shut up,” Lisa heard before she pulled the trigger.

Prosecutors said Spaide withdrew to his home and walked up and down through a window. They said that he committed suicide when the first police units responded to the scene. does not publish a full surveillance video due to its graphic nature.

Lucerne District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis said she had investigated the case and wanted to close the investigation.