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Jenny Hayes

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A prostitute allegedly lit a mattress in a Point Cook home and started a massive fire that killed a young family, including their new baby

The defendant’s son later claimed that his mother did not know there was anyone else at home at the time.

“She only found out after her arrest … she had no idea,” she said.

Yesterday, detectives from the Fire and Explosives Command charged Jenny Hayes, a 46-year-old Fawkner woman, with three cases of murder and arson, which resulted in death following her arrest at West Airport.

Harley, 19, said her mother contacted her after the alleged accident and said, “I think I did something stupid.”

Today he told that he felt “really deaf” because he knew his mother was involved in the fatal accident, and he described Ms Hayes as a “loving mother” who always tried to do what was best for him. when I was growing up and not. I would never hurt anyone on purpose. .

“She is a very loving mother, she always did everything possible to take care of me,” he said.

“She didn’t always make the perfect decisions, but she always did what she thought was right and what was best for me.”

The teenager called his mother “a complete mess” after the tragedy.

“I don’t know what to feel,” he said.

“I didn’t expect it out of nowhere. I went out with my friends for a minute, then I got a call saying my mom was at the police station.

“The last time I spoke to her she was a mess.”

Abbey Forrest, 19, Inda Sohal, 28, and her three-week-old daughter, Ivy, died in the home after a fire destroyed the Totem Way property around 3:40 a.m. Wednesday.

Ms. Hayes was visiting a customer downstairs when an argument broke out.

The man is said to have abandoned the property and the mother of four set a mattress on fire.

Victoria Police today issued a new statement clarifying that the deceased family did not know Ms. Hayes.

The defendant did not connect via video to Melbourne Magistrates Court last night, but remained at the Richmond Police Station.

He has not requested bail and is expected to return to court in March.
The court heard that this was the first time Ms. Hayes had been detained and she was in very poor condition behind bars taking painkillers.

Forrest’s sister Emily returned to the scene of the deadly fire yesterday and told reporters that the couple had moved into the home just weeks after their daughter was born.

The baby would have been three weeks old today.

“I’m trying to be really strong and I’m trying to keep it to herself,” he said.

“Your life had just begun and it should be the perfect time in your life and now this terrible tragedy has happened.”

Gurvinder Singh, a close friend of Mr. Sohal, was too sorry to speak at length about the tragedy.

“I have no words for … I just can’t describe the sadness I feel right now,” he said.

Neighbors in need woke up shortly before 4 a.m. with the sound of their smoke detectors and found the neighboring house on fire.

They used an ax in a desperate attempt to free a woman from the house, but were unable to reach her.

“All I can hear in my head right now is screaming for help,” neighbor Jade Bartolo told.

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