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Who was Jeremy Daw ? Ambulance worker who died after an object pierced his vehicle, Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Jeremy Daw

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Ambulance worker who died after an object pierced his vehicle’s windshield returned to the front lines after retiring in 2020, his colleague said.

Jeremy Daw, known to his friends as Jack, died Saturday morning when his ambulance was hit by an object while answering a 999 call in Herefordshire.

The 66-year-old, who was in the front passenger seat at the time, only returned to the West Midlands ambulance in January of this year and retired as a paramedic in November 2020.

Mr. Daw, described as “an exceptional character” and “one of the good guys in life”, was killed on the scene while his medic who was driving the vehicle was injured.

West Mercia police said they were “convinced” that the incident was not the result of “willful act”.

Sir Simon Stevens, executive director of the NHS, said Daw was “the best” in healthcare.

In a statement, he said, “After nearly three decades of service, he is back in the spotlight after a well-deserved retirement helping patients during the coronavirus pandemic and has served as a mentor to young colleagues.”

“On behalf of all NHS staff, we would like to express our condolences to Jeremy’s family, friends and colleagues as we wish his teammate a speedy recovery.”

Nathan Hudson, West Midlands Ambulance director, said Daw’s death was the result of a “tragic accident” and was not classified as “malicious”.

He said the ambulance was responding to a Category 2 999 call just before 8 a.m. when it was hit by an object near the junction of Moreton Road and the A49 north of Hereford.

Mr. Hudson described Mr. Daw, who was from Hereford and had 29 years ambulance experience, as an “exceptional person”.

“He was one of the great guys in life and will unfortunately be missed in Hereford and the surrounding area.

“Everyone knew him and he was a very nice person.

“When you talk to the staff at Hereford, they’ll remember he went out every morning and cleaned the vehicles and windshields.

“I used to do that, of course. He was very proud of his work. “”

Hudson said Daw is eight teams away from full-time retirement after returning in early 2021 “to build trust during the pandemic.”

West Mercia Police said the ambulance was on its way to Leominster at the time of the incident.

Hudson said, “About one minute after 8:00 a.m. we received a call to 999 that the crew was involved in an accident in which an item of description had driven through the windshield and the crew was involved in an accident. Accident. The crew were passed out.

“The driver of the vehicle, who was also injured, was able to come out and try to help and support Jack, who was passed out, and began life-saving treatment to resuscitate him.”

The ambulance driver who previously worked with Mr. Daw was taken to the hospital for treatment but has since been released.

A spokeswoman for the West Midlands Ambulance Service said: “Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, nothing could be done to save our passenger colleague and his death was confirmed on the spot.”

The Midlands Air Ambulance, two emergency ambulance teams and paramedics were involved in the incident.

West Mercia Police Inspector Chris Watson said: “We are still fully investigating this incident and although at an early stage we are pleased that it was not deliberate despite some speculation on social media.

“We continue to support the victim’s family during this difficult time and ask them to have time to grieve and respect their privacy.”

Three South West Ambulance Service employees were injured Sunday when a car collided with their Bristol ambulance, which stopped around 4:30 a.m., Avon and Somerset police said.