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Drug smugglers arrested in New jersey, Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Investigations and More Facts

Jersey police

A group of smugglers attempting to import £ 900,000 worth of drugs into Jersey has been arrested

Jesrsey police and customs operation is successfully completed by arrested drug smugglers group.

Border officials intercepted a 37-foot yacht with cannabis, MDMA and cocaine off the coast of the island last June.

He arrived at St. Catherine’s Bay in England and was found to have 5kg of cannabis, 2kg of MDMA, 2kg of ecstasy and 1kg of cocaine on board.

Six men and one woman involved in the failed conspiracy have admitted drug crimes to the Royal Jersey Court.

They were sentenced to between two and 14 years in prison.

Jersey Police and customs joint operation

The joint operation lasted almost eighteen months. Local jersey police and customs officials worked with colleagues from the National Crime Agency, the British Border Forces and the Australian Police.

Gang members Daniel Riley, Nicholas Thurban, Paul Brown, Colin Sait, Jon Hughes, Deborah Wolff, and John Alexander Roy were sentenced to the following prison terms:

Thurban, 61, from England – 13 years and six months
Sait, 45, from England – 12
Brown 59, from England – 12 years
Roy, 55, Scottish Australian citizen, 12
Hughes, 41, from England – 14 years and three months
Riley, 26, from Jersey – eight years and two months
Wolff, 54, from England – two years

Jersey police described the case known as Operation Lion as “one of the most complex drug investigations ever conducted by Jersey police,” with months of surveillance in multiple jurisdictions.