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Who is Jesse Leilan Mackenzie ( Man accused of beating a group of girls ) Wiki, bio, Age, Incident details, Victims, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Jesse Leilan Mackenzie

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A man Jesse Leilan Mackenzie who was filmed hitting a “tiny” teenage girl on the head and then pulling her hair was attacked in prison to draw media attention to the incident, a court was informed.

Jesse Leilan Mackenzie Age

Double Bay’s Jesse Leilan Mackenzie, 29, was allegedly one of three men involved in violence against two girls, ages 15 and 16, in Pyrmont in March.

Bystander footage of the incident spread quickly after the incident, allegedly showing Mackenzie hitting both victims on the head and pulling the 15-year-old by her hair onto a ledge.

“I’ve never seen such embarrassing images,” New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said in March.

Police claim Mackenzie threw the younger girl over a levee by her hair, even though his legal aid attorney claimed she tripped or fell and ended up among the victims.

“You (the co-defendants) oppose the victim, but that’s where Mr. Mackenzie’s involvement ends, when he’s there,” Tamara Grennan told Central Local Court in Sydney on Tuesday.

Mackenzie attempted to join his co-defendant on bail, pleaded guilty, and continued the assault negotiations.

The court said that he had been detained for more than nine weeks, lost his full-time job and seriously deteriorated his mental health.

The media attention that was generated on the matter also provoked a series of attacks, including one in which he dislocated his shoulder and threw boiling water at her.

“Ultimately, he understands that this is a place he never wants to go back to,” said Ms. Grennan.

The release would also open up a “world” of rehabilitation opportunities to combat the alcohol abuse that “fueled” offensive behavior, she said.

Police declined bail, citing fears of new serious crimes and the risk of harm to the community.

“These (teens) are small and there was a long list of attacks,” Sgt. Chris Manning said.

“If he is to be released, the public would be very concerned, given the almost defenseless whistleblowers on the matter.”

Sergeant Manning said the attacks can only be described as disgusting.

“I have to say that this is a description that I fully agree with,” said Judge Clare Farnan.

Mackenzie and the other men had behaved in a way that the girls “posed no threat to them in a physical sense,” she said.

While Ms. Farnan accepted that she was subjected to violence while she was in custody, she said that Mackenzie continued to pose an unacceptable risk to the community.

In her Story of Violence, she received a community correction order eight days before the Pyrmont incident.

“Looking at his file … I have to say it would be a surprise if Mr. Mackenzie received less than a full-time prison sentence,” Farnan said.

Mackenzie will be retried on May 26.

Finally, he is convicted again for previous acts of violence.