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Jessica Anne Cherry

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A nursery in Virginia is behind bars after police claim they killed a 2-year-old child in their care.

WAVY reports that Jessica Anne Cherry, 37, has been charged with second degree murder linked to the death of Kaylee Thomas. The boy was found unconscious at Kirsch’s unlicensed daycare on Jenifer Street, Norfolk.

The incident occurred in August 2020, police said, but the murder allegations came after a thorough investigation into the asylum and its practices.

Authorities were initially unable to determine Kaylee’s death, but arrested Cherry in September 2020, accusing her of child neglect, child molestation and intent to injure herself in a crime. The allegations had nothing to do with Kaylee’s death and came after investigators discovered a ring camera in front of a television and drifted away from the children in kindergarten.

However, the television reflex showed Cherry that she was holding a baby’s nose and she covered her mouth with a rag before leaving him alone in a room. Another consideration showed Cherry that she beats a child, then screams and yells at the child, police said.

The alleged child abuse occurred a week before Kaylee’s death.

Earlier this week the Norfolk Chief Medical Examiner’s office found that the cause of Kaylee’s death was murder, which led to further charges against Cherry. Officials have not yet commented on Kaylee’s death.

Kaylee was the second daughter to die in the care of Kirsch. In January 2020, police responded to the daycare after a call about an unresponsive one-year-old. He later died in a local hospital. Noel Lipieko, the information officer of the NPD, confirmed this to WAVY.

Authorities are still investigating the incident in January 2020. The cause of the boy’s death is uncertain and Cherry has not been charged in relation to this particular case.

Meanwhile, Cherry remains behind bars in Norfolk City jail without bail.