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Who is Jessica Camilleri ( woman 27, who beheaded mother ) Wiki, Bio, Family, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Jessica Camilleri

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A woman who beheaded her mother in West Sydney before asking doctors if they could “sew up her head” was sentenced to at least 16 years in prison.

Jessica Camilleri, 27, was convicted of the murder of her mother Rita of hers in St. Clair in July 2019.

On Friday she was sentenced to 21 years and seven months, with a probation period of 16 years and two months.

Judge Helen Wilson described the attack as one of the most serious cases of involuntary manslaughter, and claimed that the crime of extraordinary wickedness and brutality was compounded when it was committed in the family home.

The verdict was postponed until July 20, 2019.

The court had already heard that the young Camilleri had had mental health problems for many years prior to the gruesome crime.

Attorney Tony McCarthy said the 57-year-old mother cared for her daughter and was “too protective and defensive” of her behavior.

Jessica Camilleri was found not guilty of murder due to her intellectual disability and was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter instead.

The court also heard that she had stopped taking her prescription drugs three months before the accident.

Two forensic psychiatrists had said at trial that the knife attack was caused by an intellectual disability and an autism spectrum disorder that included an obsession with horror movies.

Jessica owned eight copies of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and five of the Jeepers Creepers.

In Statement

In a statement about the victim’s impact last month, her older sister, Kristi Torrisi, said her family tried to help her but she refused to receive treatment.

“(Rita was) murdered and murdered like nothing, all from a fit of rage,” she said at the New South Wales Supreme Court hearing in February.

Jessica had previously assaulted her aunt, she had pulled her hair in public and made hundreds of threatening calls to strangers.

However, her mother believed that her love could protect her from the world, the court heard.