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Jessica Cantu

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A Texas mother was arrested after an autopsy revealed a disturbing new fact in the death of her two-year-old daughter, officials said.

While it was initially believed that the child’s death was caused by an accidental self-inflicted shot, the autopsy found that 2-year-old Juelz Gonzalez was not shot because the bullet came from a long distance and not close, he reported. Fox 29 from San Antonio.

Suspect Identified

Her mother, Jessica Cantu, 35, was arrested later Thursday and charged with endangering children, the San Antonio Police Department said. The arrest took place four months after Juelz’s death.

“Initially, it was reported to the police that the child had committed suicide,” said the SAPD, FOX 29 reported. “During the investigation, investigators gathered additional evidence, including the coroner’s report, which concluded that the child committed suicide had not committed suicide. With a fairly probable cause, they could issue a warrant to endanger minors. ”

Cantu, her boyfriend, and their four-year-old daughter were all at the Texas home on the night of February 18 when Juelz died, police said, although Cantu’s affidavit states that Juelz was alone in a room other than the one in which he felt. a snap. . . ”

“This matter has been thoroughly investigated by our investigators. Preliminary information may change during an investigation and in this case evidence was found to charge suspects of the crime detailed in the affidavit, “the SAPD said, according to the report.” All updated allegations will come from the district attorney’s office .

The gun belonged to her boyfriend Joshua Christopher Ramirez, 32, who was arrested for possession of the gun which led to Juelz’s death.

Juelz’s biological father, Julio Gonzalez, told FOX 29 that he was not home at the time of the shooting and was praying for anyone who has ever lost a child, the agency reported.

Cantu is held with a $ 150,000 bond, the SAPD said.