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Who is Jodie Leigh Fox ( Woman always dreamt of driving buses ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family and More Facts

Jodie Leigh Fox

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A former carer Jodie Leigh Fox who became a bus driver when she was 21 said she had to endure people regularly and told her she was “too pretty to be a bus driver”.

Jodie Leigh Fox got her dream job driving a bus

Jodie Leigh Fox got her dream job driving a bus three years ago after seeing an ad on the back of one of the transit vehicles.

From Brentwood, Essex, 24, she enjoys her job so much that she hopes to continue in over forty years until she retires.

But since she started, Jodie has said she has been inundated with comments from passengers about how she looks.

“I’ve received so many comments from passengers – mostly men,” said Jodie.

“When men get on the bus, I always have the same reaction: ‘You look so pretty’ or ‘I’ve never seen such a handsome bus driver in my life’.

“ People have said I’m too pretty to be a bus driver, but I get good comments from other women who compliment me, my nails or my hair and makeup. ”

Her looks and youthfulness also made it difficult for her to get in touch with her coworkers, claims Jodie.

“There are no women the same age as me,” she said.

“I made friends with a few people in the garage, but usually I just get my service card and then do my shift.”

Despite the difficult aspects of the job, Jodie has always wanted to drive buses since she discovered her fascination for being close to the front lines as a child.

She hopes that during her long career she can fight the stereotypical image of a bus driver.

She is qualified to drive buses, coaches, and even limos, and must pass exams to stay in shape.

Jodie said, “When I left my caregiver job, I found that driving buses has always fascinated me.

“ I always sat in the front near the driver and loved to drive, so I made this dream come true.

“I had to do a lot of tests to become a bus driver. It’s not easy as people might think. You’ll need to take an English and Math test and approximately five different modules before you finish your theory.

Jodie managed to follow TikTok by sharing the reality of a bus driver.

She added, “I didn’t think I was going to explode like me.

“ I posted videos before but not in work clothes and it wasn’t until I posted that I was a bus driver that people went crazy about it.

‘I love my job; I hope to do that until I retire!