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Who is Jody Latham ( Beauty business entrepreneur goes from lip to lip filer with £18m cosmetics empire ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Details, Information and More Facts

Jody Latham

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The 38-year-old actor who played Philip ‘Lip’ Gallagher on the Channel 4 series has a cosmetics empire that he says is worth £ 18 million.

He said he got into the beauty business when he met someone else who was getting botox injections and decided to go into the business himself.

Jody, quoted in The Mirror, stated that despite his success, he doesn’t waste too much on a luxurious lifestyle

He said: “I live in a two-bedroom apartment and drive a modest car. I give everything to the company.

“It’s worth £ 18 million. We’ll see where we are in a few years. I’ve had the money, but not enough.”

However, he has a striking Audi R8 and can be seen on Instagram at events around the world, including the Monaco Grand Prix.

He explained: “After the first round of Shameless, I got my first salary of £ 21,000 and bought an Audi convertible. I didn’t even think about renting or eating.”

Jody has stayed true to Manchester, where Shameless takes place, and has become a devoted family man.

In addition to appearing on Shameless, Jody played Evil Pimp Rob Grayson on EastEnders and Steve-O Malone on Waterloo Road.


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