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Joel Russo

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A preliminary hearing heard a man accused of raping and suffocating a woman in Melbourne last year who allegedly assaulted several women before the attack

Joel Russo is accused of dragging a runner off the Merri Creek Trail in Coburg before raping her and suffocating her and holding her head underwater.

Russo, 26, was seen posing on motorcycles in a Sydney Road shop on the same day as the alleged rape.

Hours later, police believe Russo targeted women on Bell Street in Coburg before committing the sex crime.

A witness told the court that a man got into his vehicle and was in the passenger seat when he tried to get him out.

“He tried to get him out. But he managed to close the door,” the woman said.

“The way he spoke didn’t seem out of place. He said a sentence and then looked at me.

Another woman said a man who walked dangerously also tried to get into his car but managed to lock him up.

“I closed the door immediately. He pulled the handle on me, “he said.

“I was in a state of fear.”

An hour later, Mr. Russo is accused of attacking and raping the runner.

The woman in her twenties managed to run to a nearby McDonald’s to raise the alarm.

Russo, who has an intellectual disability with an IQ of 63, faces 20 charges.

The hearing will determine if he needs to be tried and is expected to last until early next week.