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John Benjamin Thornton

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A New Mexico man is charged with allegedly threatening to kill President Joe Biden and others in text messages he sent to people in two states.

John Benjamin Thornton is accused of using interstate commercial communications to send out a threat to harm another person. Thornton’s allegedly rambling texts, presented as evidence in a criminal complaint, include allegations that he “took command of a revolutionary army called the 3% er,” an obvious reference to the anti-government group, Three Percenters.

According to the complaint, Thornton, who described himself as a “War of Independence General”, wrote “5 stars after executing Joe Biden for treason.”

FBI investigators do not identify in the impeachment document who received the text messages or whether they were previously connected to Thornton.

CNN reached out to the White House and US Intelligence for comment.

Thornton is being held without bail, according to Doña Ana District Prison, and will not be appointed as a lawyer on Wednesday afternoon. Thornton is expected to appear remotely for a federal court hearing on Friday morning.

The news in the criminal complaint also states that a Canadian computer company used a device to “penetrate the brainwaves of ALL methamphetamine users of brainwaves around the world”. In text messages allegedly sent by Thornton, he threatened to “shoot everyone”, adding, “My ex-wife is a traitor and must be executed by my new government.”

The FBI said the messages were sent from a Thornton phone and included a photo of him.

“Since November 11, 2020, Thornton has been the subject of complaints by various people who have since received messages that have been classified as disturbing or threatening,” the complaint said.

Further threats have been made against the president in recent months.

A North Carolina man was arrested in February for knowingly and deliberately threatening to kill the president and cause personal injury. Prosecutors said he repeatedly phone the White House switchboard threatening Biden and others.

And in October a Maryland man was charged with allegedly threatening Biden, then a Democratic presidential candidate, and his colleague, now Vice President Kamala Harris.