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John Christopher Colletti

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Michigan man was sentenced to four years in federal prison for stealing $ 125k from 300 VIP players in Michigan and Kansas while wearing elaborate costumes to impersonate an older man and sometimes as a woman .

John Christopher Colletti, 56, wore prosthetic masks, hats, glasses, surgical masks and used a walker to transform into an unpretentious elderly person during his own criminal madness.

When he was found, he had the personal information of 300 victims, as well as several masks, including that of a woman.

The scammer stole people’s names, driver’s license numbers and the last four digits of social security numbers to gain access to the bank accounts of VIP players using Global Payments gaming service kiosks at various casinos. .

Disguised as an elderly person, Colletti used personal information stolen from casino kiosks that offer jackpot processing, electronic checks, ATMs and cash advance services.

On March 12, 2020, he was arrested at the Prairie Band Casino and Resort in Mayetta, Kansas when numerous large cash withdrawals came to the attention of law enforcement.

At the time, he dressed like an old man, wore a straw hat and glasses, and used a walker while earning over $ 20,000 in cash withdrawals.

After being questioned by security about the big recalls, Colletti immediately went to the washroom where he removed his costume and “left the casino with a noticeable bulge on the front of his pants, which was supposed to be the prosthetic mask. “. according to reports. from the FBI. .

Investigators found his clothes, a walker, $ 11,000 in cash and two Michigan driver’s licenses in the bathroom. The licenses belonged to two known victims and were accompanied by post-it notes with the victims’ phone and social security numbers. License photos have been altered to show a person wearing a prosthetic face mask.

During his arrest, police found other evidence in his car, including several prosthetic masks, 83 driver’s licenses, a straw hat with a black ribbon, a fake $ 100 bill, surgical masks and “guides. practice “. free with the crime “. ‘

A recovered USB drive contained false documents, background checks of various people, tutorials on how to forge money and Excel spreadsheets with more than 1,000 names, according to reports.

An electronic paper trail and its known tactics have linked the police to their Michigan crimes at the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit.

In May 2019, investigators at Detroit’s MGM Grand identified at least 10 identity theft victims who had lost $ 98,840 at the casino. The incidents were then reported to the Michigan State Police Gaming Section.

During the investigation, casino security cameras caught a transvestite Colletti making large withdrawals of money from various kiosks.

Every time he left the kiosks at the MGM Grand Casino, Colletti inserted a fake driver’s license for the victim and examined a piece of paper which authorities said contained the stolen personal information necessary to complete the transaction.

On May 23, 2019, cameras at MGM Grand Detroit recorded Colletti wearing a prosthetic mask, blue jacket, dark cap, blue jeans and sunglasses as he made 15 cash withdrawals totaling $ 30,000 in less than half an hour. .

Then he got in a cab and was dropped off at Greektown. Still in disguise, he walked down the street and entered the bathroom inside the Pegasus Taverna restaurant, emerging ten minutes later wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and dark shoes with a black plastic bag.

Colletti was hoping to get the minimum sentence imposed under his plea agreement, a sentence of 24 months, due to his relatively clean criminal past with only one previous conviction in 2007.

Stacey Studnicki, her lawyer in court, suggested that mental health treatment would be the best option for her client. She wrote in court documents: “She recently witnessed the dissolution of her marriage and her relatives have also withdrawn their support.”

However, prosecutors have strongly suggested that the judge sentence Colletti to 51 months, arguing that he “orchestrated an ingenious and elaborate plan” to steal money from casino patrons “while wearing Hollywood costumes” and that they didn’t think it would stop. until he is captured.

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