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Who is John Crichton Stuart ( Marquess of bute 62 & his daughter are charged after traveling in Lockdown ) Wiki, Bio, Age, COVID-19 Rule, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

John Crichton Stuart

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  • There are reports that John Crichton Stuart, 62, visited the Isle of Bute on Sunday.
  • Peer’s normal residence is London, where the mutant strain of Covid-19 was found
  • Scottish police say six more have been charged, including a 90-year-old woman

Billionaire Marquess of bute and his high society daughter have been charged with alleged violation of coronavirus restrictions, but could face a fine of just £ 30.

John Crichton Stuart (62) and his daughter Lady Lola are said to have visited the islands of Bute, Argyll and Bute on Sunday.

Crichton-Stuart, who was once on the rich list at number 616, has his ancestral Mount Stuart home there, which can be rented out for £ 24,000 per marriage.

Crichton Stuart Net Worth

The Marquess, valued at £ 125million, also owns a cabin on the island.

He also owned Dumfries House in Cumnock, Ayrshire, but sold it to Scotland for £ 45million in 2007 as part of a consortium led by Prince Charles.

In the cabin, Lola, a model with friends like Sadie Frost, isolated herself during the summer pandemic.

In April, Adwoa Aboah (27) and Ruby Boglione, the youngest daughter of Petersham Nurseries founders Gael and Francesco, were with her. There is no evidence that these two women were present this time.

Six other people have been charged with alleged crimes, including a 90-year-old woman.

A Scottish Police spokesperson said: ‘On Monday 21 December 2020 we received a report from a group of people who traveled to the Isle of Bute to violate alleged violations of the coronavirus law “.

“An investigation has been opened and three men aged 32, 62 and 69 and four women aged 21, 29, 60 and 90 have been charged and will be reported to the prosecution.”

According to Scottish Herald reports, Crichton-Stuart and his daughter Lola traveled to Level 4 after a travel ban from London was announced.

The Marquis also owns another home in the capital which he shares with his wife, designer Serena.

There is a ‘strict travel ban’ between Scotland and the rest of the UK during the Christmas holidays, while indoor mixing is only allowed on Christmas Day.

The rules are expected to be relaxed for five days between December 23 and 27.

Scottish police said two days ago that no checkpoints or checkpoints would be set up along the Anglo-Scottish border.

This means that they should have discovered the alleged violation against the Marquess or that someone warned them.

If the offense is proven or authorized, the aristocrat only has to pay a small fine.

Police have the power to impose fines of £ 60 on offenders, which are halved if paid promptly. However, any repeat offender could be fined more than £ 960.

The Marquis is a former F1 driver and goes by the name of Johnny Dumfries.

London entered level 4 with strict restrictions that require the public to stay at home except for specific purposes including essential shopping and exercise.

The public were ordered not to travel outside of Level 4 areas after 12:01 p.m. Sunday, and Nicola Sturgeon also announced a travel ban to Scotland.

People living in level 4 areas in England flocked to stations on Saturday evening to try to lift the ban.