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John Darwin

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The conman, who faked his own death in a canoe accident, is now financed by his much younger wife.

70-year-old John Darwin went missing in March 2002 and believed he was lost at sea while canoeing off the coast of Durham in a £ 679,000 insurance fraud.

He has now moved to the Philippines with his new wife, Mercy May, 47. The couple got married in 2015 after engaging in an online romance.

The former teacher receives a UK state pension of around £ 134 a week, while his wife, a mother of three, rents a coat hanger in a Manila market and runs a retail store, Mirror reported.

“I’ve got a new business. I’ve had it for three years. Boom. Make money,” said Mercy May.

The couple recently moved from Manila to a new home 30 minutes away.

Darwin’s ex-wife In prison

Darwin’s ex-wife Anne has been jailed for helping her husband, John, fake her death by cheating on her.

Anne fled to Panama with John after disappearing near Seaton Carew, Durham, in 2002.

John had planned a new life for the couple in Panama, spending £ 250,000 on insurance and pensions.

He then hid in a house near his home in Seaton Carew for several years while Anne played the widow.

The couple allowed their children, Mark, 45, and Anthony, 42, to believe their father was dead.

Darwin suddenly reappeared at a London police station in 2008 claiming to have lost his memory.

They were then captured and John and Anne were imprisoned for over six years.

The couple lived in a six-bedroom beachfront apartment and owned 12 properties.

They invented the scam after struggling to pay off the mortgage.

Darwin was released from prison in 2011 but broke his parole two years later when he traveled to Ukraine to meet 25-year-old Anna Avramenko, whom he met on a website for foreign brides.

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