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John Gizzi

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  • Ben Haworth-Booth photographed a Porsche parked on a double yellow line
  • Driver Rachel Parland called the ex-husband of a gangster to resolve the disagreement
  • John Gizzi, 49, located Mr. Haworth-Booth and slapped him

An infamous “ Mr Big ” slapped a man in the face after complaining that his wife had parked her Porsche on double yellow lines.

Ben Haworth-Booth photographed the illegally parked Porsche in the center of a town near St. Asaph in North Wales, unaware that the driver of the car was the wife of ex-gangster John Gizzi.

The court heard Rachel Parland call her husband of 49 years, Gizzi, to resolve the disagreement before calling Mr. Haworth-Booth: “You will be sorry if you find out who my husband is.

Gizzi then located Mr. Haworth-Booth before lifting him up by the head and slapping him.

Mr. Haworth-Booth told the court: ‘His chest was swollen and his arms were swaying. He said, “You pissed off my wife. You mistreated my wife.”

He told me that he was John Gizzi. He was very scared. I know who John Gizzi is and what his reputation is.

“Everybody knows John Gizzi. He is always in the newspapers. ‘

Mr. Haworth-Booth said that he feared for his life and could be heard yelling, “Help! Help! Help!” when he recorded the attack on his cell phone.

Prosecutor Adam Warner said Gizzi accused Haworth-Booth of calling him a bully, a drug dealer and an ape.

“Gizzi hit Mr. Haworth-Booth, damaged his glasses and hit him on the head.”

Cocaine trafficker Gizzi, known as “Mr. Big de Rhyl”, was arrested in 2006 for beating two homeless people with wooden sticks.

He was released five and a half years in prison after three years.

However, in 2011 he was jailed for 11 years after admitting that he conspired to bring cocaine to Wales.

His gang of nine were jailed for a total of 66 years.

Gizzi of St. Asaph denied the attack on Mr. Haworth-Booth and the criminal damages in July.

However, he was found guilty by Deputy District Judge Andrew Webb in Llandudno District Court.

He will be sentenced next month.