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Who is Jolene Beyer-Lacrue ( Denver mother arrested in infant daughter’s death ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family, Death Cause, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Jolene Beyer-Lacrue

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The mother Jolene Beyer-Lacrue of a Denver child who died last year was arrested on Friday after her daughter died, according to police.

Jolene Beyer-Lacrue Age

Jolene Beyer-Lacrue, 19, is charged with child molestation that leads to death. Beyer-Lacrue was the mother of the victim, 9-month-old Gianna Rosales, the police said.

Rosales was rushed to hospital on August 3, 2020 after injuries. Rosales died the next day, and the doctor’s office found that her cause of death was blunt violent injuries.

Earlier this month, Beyer-Lacrue’s friend Cain Gallardo was arrested for first degree murder on the child’s death.

The warrant sworn affidavits in the case are sealed and no further information has been released.

The child’s father, Anthony Rosales, spoke to Denver last August7. He said he feared his daughter was in danger and contacted several authorities before she died.

“You let me down,” he said in August.

Rosales said he remembered jumping out of bed early August 3 and rushed to Denver Health Medical Center after his mother told him something was wrong with his daughter.

Rosales says it was the first time he saw his daughter in over two weeks because Gianna’s mother kept his daughter away.

“They (doctors) told me they wouldn’t respond and then they would go into cardiac arrest,” Rosales said.