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Who is Jonathan Jareth Soberanis ( Utah Man sexually assaulting 5-year-old boy ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Jonathan Jareth Soberanis

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A 5-year-old boy escaped from a Utah man Jonathan Jareth Soberanis who s*xually assaulted him by crawling under a toilet cubicle, police said.

Jonathan Jareth Soberanis Age

Jonathan Jareth Soberanis, 26, was arrested Wednesday for trespassing with s*xual abuse of a child, intent to commit a crime, suspected fornication with a child, illegal detention of a minor, voyeurism with a child, among other charges, KUTV reported by the Lehi City Police.

Police said the boy told them that Soberanis went into the toilet and exposed himself while the child was in the cubicle, police said.

The child told police that Soberanis grabbed him and did not want to let him go when he tried to leave, reported FOX 13. The boy said he crawled under the stable to escape and went to his mother to To get help.

Video footage showed Soberanis entering the recreation center’s locker room when the child was inside, and Soberanis’ clothes matched the description the boy had given the police, the station said.

Police said they identified the man as Soberanis, who was reportedly banned from the Lehi Legacy Center and “charged with fornication with a child,” reported KSL.

Soberanis told police that he was training at the leisure center, but when “confronted the fact that he was not seen exercising and he had run out of the locker room at the same time,” he said he “couldn’t remember.” what he did in the locker room and claimed to have a disability that prevents him from remembering his actions, “the station reported, citing the police affidavit.

Police said they tried to arrest Soberanis after speaking with him for 30 minutes, but he “started kicking and throwing himself, causing the officers minor injuries,” police said.

Soberanis is also said to have thrown a glass table at the police before he was nailed down and arrested, the police said, according to FOX 13.

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