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Who was Jonathan Murphy ( Shot dead during the jewelry store robbery inside Rolling Oaks Mall ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Robbery, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Jonathan Murphy

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  • Jonathan Murphy, 42, was shot dead in a robbery at a Rolling Oaks Model jewelry store in San Antonio in January 2017
  • His widow, Aimee Murphy, is suing the mall and its parent company, claiming the mall did not put up signs to block guns in any of its entrances.
  • The lawsuit also claims that a good Samaritan with no sign of this did not take his weapon to the mall and tried to stop the theft.
  • Aime’s attorney surveillance video shows two thieves meeting Kay Jewelers, one of whom shows a gun
  • Good Samaritan Ryan Brockett throws his gun aside and opens fire on thieves returning to fire
  • Police say Jonathan Murphy was shot multiple times, suspect Jason Prieto shot him and died in Aime’s arms
  • Prieto is still awaiting trial almost four years later. Accomplice Jose Jose Rojas pleaded guilty in 2018 and was sentenced to life in prison

For the first time, a disturbing surveillance video was released showing the theft of a crushed and stolen jewelry store in Texas in 2017, resulting in the buyer’s death.

The victim, a former United States Marine Corps Jonathan Murphy, died in the arms of his wife Aimé after protecting him during a robbery and arms exchange by good armed Samaritans in Rolling Oaks, off the North Mall. -western San Antonio in January 2017.

Jonathan and Aimee Murphy had visited the Kay Jewelers store in the mall on the afternoon of January 22 to clean their wedding rings.

Nearly four years later, Aimee Murphy filed a civil lawsuit against Rolling Oaks Mall and its parent company, Washington Prime Group Inc., claiming that the mall hadn’t posted any signs in any of the entrances letting customers know that the guns they were on. Not allowed in premises such as KENS5. announced for the first time.

Plaintiff’s Attorney

Plaintiff’s attorney argued that a good Samaritan, Ryan Brockett, would not bring his gun into the mall and would try to stop the theft if there were such signs.

In a surveillance video released this week by Aime’s lawyer, the Murphys can be admired on watches as they await their wedding.

Two armed men enter a shop. One of them hits the window with a hammer and grabs the goods with his fist while his accomplice practices his weapon with the shop staff.

A moment later, Brockett, seen in a black T-shirt with a white letter on his back, takes out his gun and opens fire on the robbers who burn again as they escape.

During the shooting, the unarmed Jonathan was hit by several bullets while trying to protect his wife.

The 42-year-old retired Marine and married father of four fell to the ground and took his last breath in Aime’s arms.

Aimee had previously made a private deal with Brockett for her role in the fatal shooting.

According to the retrial, a Good Samaritan did not know he could not carry his gun into the mall because he saw no evidence that customers could carry guns on the spot.

A person walking into a shopping mall can only know they are following an unarmed policy if they come across one of these signs that don’t actually have a prominent appearance, “said Stanley Bernstein, Aimee Murphy’s attorney. 4 SA.

The widow, mother of four children, asks for unspecified damages.

Jose Luis Rojas

In April 2018, one of the two alleged thieves, Jose Luis Rojas, 35, pleaded guilty to murder and aggravated theft and was sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years in prison.

His alleged accomplice Jason Matthew Prieto (35) is still awaiting trial.

Authorities believe Prieto shot Murphy.

According to News4 San Antonio, Prieto has a long criminal history.

He was jailed for a year and a half for assault with a lethal weapon in 2002 and for assault the following year.

In 2016, police arrested him for two car thefts, two theft charges and a series of drug charges. One of the robberies occurred just a month after he was released from prison.

He was also charged with four counts of marijuana possession between 2000 and 2010, the latest of which was a third degree felony that led to him in prison.

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