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Jonathon Pisani

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  • Jonathon Pisani, 45, was crazy with Kate Jackson, 40, in front of passersby
  • Police in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, arrested the two immediately
  • They had not met prior to the brief reunion outside of Bar Liquid.
  • Pisani admitted to scandalizing public decency and was jailed for 11 weeks
  • Jackson admitted the same claim but escaped with a 12-month fine and a court order

A father who had sex all day on a sidewalk with a woman he had never met was jailed for Christmas weeks after she was fined just £ 50.

Jonathon Pisani, 45, raged at Kate Jackson, 40, outside a nightclub in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, in front of passing shoppers.

Initially Police Believed ?

A passerby first called the police and believed they had witnessed a rape, but the council’s CCTV operators noticed the couple passionately kissing in front of Bar Liquid.

The camera was then allegedly turned to see Jackson and Pisani lying on the sidewalk enjoying each other.

He finally put it on before he had sex when the buyers arrived.

Police arrested the couple, who chatted with Jackson while waiting for their train, at the scene with an investigation that revealed that they both drank heavily.

At Manchester Magistrates Court, Jonathon Pisani, who lives in Oldham with his daughter, admitted to outraging public decency and was detained by a district judge for 11 weeks.

Jonathon Pisani Previous Conviction

The court heard that Jonathon Pisani had previously been convicted of unrelated cases and repeatedly refused to appear in court.

Jackson, who lives alone with her Pomeranian dog, pleaded guilty in a separate hearing before judges in Tameside last October, but escaped with a £ 50 fine and a 12-month warrant.

At the same time, the judges also issued an outraged order prohibiting the court from revealing her contact details after she said she was “afraid” of being found by an ex-partner. A similar request has not been placed with respect to the Pisani address.

Incident Details

The incident occurred on August 10 of that year after Jackson was on her way to pick up her dog from a property in Ashton-under-Lyne.

Attorney Gareth Hughes said: “Police received a 999 call from a member of the public and believed there was a raped woman on the street or sidewalk at a Market Street intersection in Stalybridge.

“It was 3:43 pm so it was in broad daylight in downtown Stalybridge. The council’s CCTV operators later saw Pisani and Miss Jackson kissing through cameras outside the Liquid bar on Market Street.

The camera briefly moves and then backs up and the couple lie down comfortably on the sidewalk, then Miss Jackson stops Pisani and they start having s*x on the sidewalk.

Members of the public can pass while this is happening and will be seen by many people at a fairly busy time of day.

The police came and arrested the couple. They were interviewed and neither party made comments during the interview. They both accept it and plead guilty. ‘

The court heard that Pisani had previously been convicted of unrelated cases and that he repeatedly failed to appear in court. He appeared on the dock after an arrest warrant was issued and probation was broken.

To resolve the issue, her attorney Ian Ridgway said: “Her co-defendant has received a joint injunction. She currently lives at her daughter’s house in Oldham with the expectation that she will remain there for a while.”

“If you don’t want to impose community order, I ask you to suspend all sentences. She has psychological problems and is being treated by her doctor.

“She lives with her daughter and her benefits are transferred to her daughter’s account. She was in contact with the probation service and worked positively with them to get her life back on track.

But District Judge Bernard Begley told her: “The public did their daily chores. One of them drew the attention of the police to the crime because she believed that her co-defendant had been raped.

“It was a terrifying crime that was committed in broad daylight in the height of summer. He has already been convicted, but not for such a thing and has been granted parole.

“In this case the woman may very well have been treated in a certain way, but in her case only immediate custody can be granted.”

Pisani was also sentenced to pay £ 213 in costs and surcharges.

At the previous hearing, Jackson had been reported “very embarrassed” by the incident.

Her attorney Christopher Squibbs said: “She is embarrassed by what is literally happening in broad daylight and the effects are clear

That day, he had fled from his former partner’s direction due to persistent problems.

“He had a dog in Ashton and was trying to catch a train. Trains were not leaving Ashton so he found his way to Stalybridge and learned there would be a delay for a train.

She waited outside, then started a conversation with a man. After she is offered white storm cider, her memory becomes particularly blurry.

“She is taking medications for bipolar disorder and personality disorders and it is likely that excessive alcohol consumption has caused it and it is very embarrassing for her.

Now you want to move on. She lives alone with her Pomeranian dog and is a woman who has experienced domestic violence in previous relationships and has suffered domestic violence in the past from her partner.

He fears his identity will be revealed and his former partner, who lives in Manchester, will find out where he is.

“There is clearly a continuing need for this woman and she still has a long way to go to recover and move on. It is very embarrassing for her and she is devastated to be in this position. ‘

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