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Who was Jonterious McCormick ( Pine Forest High School student passed away ) Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Information and More Facts

Jonterious McCormick

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A Pine Forest High School student and a member of the basketball team died.

Jonterious McCormick, known as Jon, had big dreams of making it to the NBA.

He worked to achieve his goals as a forward and center for Pine Forest High School.

“He did. He was definitely on top,” said Jonathan McCormick, Jonterious’s father.

But a few days after his basketball game last Tuesday, Jon felt nauseous. He started with neck pain, stomach pain, and then shortness of breath.

His family says he went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and sent home.

Doctors told his family that he tested negative for COVID-19.

“There was always someone standing up, playing basketball. He would go out, he would dribble, he would run,” said D’Ratio May, McCormick’s cousin.

McCormick returned to the emergency room on Wednesday and died less than 12 hours later.

His family says that he is in good health and could not believe that he did not leave for nine days after the onset of symptoms.

“I just want my boyfriend home,” McCormick’s father said.

“He was more than just a brother,” Mechello McCormick said. “He was a best friend to me and would do anything in the world to have the same luck. It’s hard to lose my brother when he was 15.”

Despite the negative test, family members believe he was exposed to the coronavirus while playing basketball.

They believe schools need to reconsider so children can play sports during the pandemic and want to remind everyone to take the virus seriously.

“I beg you all, this is not what you want,” said Lorenzo May, McCormick’s uncle. “He greeted this family.”

McCormick’s family says that before his death, he chose the cake and the dress for his birthday.

He would have turned 16 next Wednesday.