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Who is Jonty Bravery ( Boy who shoved six-year-old boy off 100ft gallery balcony launches appeal to be moved from jail to hospital ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Jonty Bravery

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A teenage boy Jonty Bravery who threw a six-year-old boy off the Tate Modern observation deck has appealed to be taken from prison to hospital, a court heard.

Jonty Bravery Age

19-year-old Jonty Bravery appeared on a video link on Wednesday at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in Belmarsh Prison, where he is currently serving a life sentence with a minimum of 15 years for attempted murder.

Jonty Bravery was jailed in June for throwing the French boy off the balcony

Bravery was jailed in June for throwing the French boy off the balcony on the 10th floor of the London Art Gallery on August 4th last year.

He is now on trial for allegedly assaulting nurses Sarah Edwards and Maxwell King at Broadmoor Hospital on Jan. 29 while he was in custody in the secure unit.

The victim of last year’s attack on the Tate Modern, who was on vacation with his parents in the capital, survived the 30-meter fall but suffered life-changing injuries, including brain hemorrhage and multiple fractures.

After a delay of about half an hour when Bravery was taken to the video conference room on Wednesday, he waved to the camera and said, “Yes, I can hear you. ”

He wore a gray prison-themed sweatshirt and was watching the negotiations. He sat at a desk for the remainder of the brief hearing.

The court heard that he appealed against Judge Justice McGowan’s conviction at a December 7 hearing.

His attorney Andrew Bousfield, who also appears via video link, said the challenge will focus on whether he should get a hospital assignment or be part of the normal prison population.

Mr Bousfield said his client would be sent back to Broadmoor if the appeal was successful.

District Judge Sam Goozee said Bravery will appear in person in Westminster Magistrates’ Court on December 18 to face two beating attacks.

He could face an additional sentence of up to six months if found guilty, but the judge said he would receive a concurrent hospital warrant if he won his appeal.

“You are still in custody, this time to be presented in person on December 18th,” the judge told Bravery, who paused to offer the date before saying “OK.”

Bravery, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), was in supportive accommodation under the care of Hammersmith and Fulham Social Services at the time of the attack.

He had been released unsupervised despite the fact that staff had been lashed down in the past, his hearing at Old Bailey announced in June.

The victim’s family announced that he could now stand without help and told his supporters in a statement in September: “We are already seeing further progress – he can finally stand without help or support! ”

Bravery from Ealing, west London, denies two beating attacks.

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