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Who was Jorden Simms ( Who died two days after jumping out of a moving law enforcement vehicle ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Jorden Simms

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Authorities alleged Jorden Simms escaped from multiple chains and jumped from a moving police vehicle

December 2019

The Arizona attorney general said Monday he was not criminalizing those responsible for the December 2019 death of a woman who allegedly charged a detention officer and police officer with sexual assault, days before she was arrested. ‘she does appear to have jumped out of a moving police vehicle.

A spokesperson for the attorney general told The Copper Era they have completed their examination and found the death of Jorden Simms, 28, who died two days after jumping from a moving police vehicle at a speed of 35 km / h. “no criminal charge is appropriate”.

Police alleged Simms escaped handcuffs, an abdominal chain and ankle supports before jumping out of the vehicle two blocks up the mountain. Graham Regional Medical Center.

The Republic of Arizona reported that a travel-size bottle of shower gel was found in the police vehicle alongside Simms’ handcuffs and locked shoes. The bottle of shower gel is believed to match the one found at Lori’s Place, an advocacy center where Simms was sexually assaulted on December 23 and 26.

“They claimed she escaped from leg cuffs, handcuffs at the waist and a seat belt with shower gel,” mother of the deceased Deborah Sanchez told the Arizona Republic.

Simms was arrested on Dec.21

Simms was arrested on Dec.21 after being charged with shoplifting at a Walmart in Safford. While Simms was not detained for suspected shoplifting, she was detained this afternoon on a pending arrest warrant from Yavapai County.

In Yavapai County last November, Simms was charged with car theft, drug possession and non-appearance in court for allegedly stealing her adoptive father’s friend’s car while she was in possession of heroin.

Days before his death, Simms had accused Safford police officer Jeremiah French and Graham County adult detention officer Kianna Bays of sexual assault.

Simms charged French with sexual assault on December 23, although it is not known exactly when the alleged incident occurred. The French report says Simms said she was pregnant and requested medical help. The Republic noted that pregnancy is only mentioned in the French report.

Simms said she and French were alone in a hospital room for 15 to 30 minutes. While awaiting test results, Simms allegedly touched French on her arm and chest before pushing his hand into his pants and sticking a finger into her vagina.

A Safford police officer wrote in a December 23 memo that French said there was no body camera footage of the visit to Simms hospital.

The republic reported that Simms was ultimately taken into French custody. On his way to jail, Simms was filmed running for a door when French leaned with his back to the car. She was arrested again soon after.

French was put on paid administrative leave on December 24, the day after Simms charged him with sexual assault.

Late on December 23, Simms was brought to Lori’s home for a sexual assault test. When Simms returned to prison on December 24, she formally charged Bays with sexual assault.

Simms can be heard in a taped interview that said Bays had spoiled her by dressing. Simms claimed she didn’t know what object Bays had attacked her with because the officer pushed her head against a bar on the wall in front of her.

(It is also unclear when Simms first reported the alleged attack on Bays when she claimed she informed several prison employees of the incident before the sheriff’s assistant documented it. officially.)

In another sexual assault trial on Lori on December 26, Simms allegedly complained of abdominal pain. Simms allegedly jumped out of the Ford Explorer transport vehicle on the way to Mount Graham Regional Medical Hospital, where she was supposed to perform additional testing with specialized equipment.

According to the Republic, officials have concluded that Simms died from a blunt impact to the head, torso and extremities – but her mode of death remains undetermined. Simms suffered 45 injuries, including brain injuries and fractures of the skull, collarbones and ribs.

The coroner said in an interview with police on Dec. 27 that Simms’ sexual assault test

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