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Joseph Fischer

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A Pennsylvania police officer is charged in the attack by supporters of former President Donald Trump on the United States Capitol on January 6 during the 2020 election results.

Joseph Fischer, a North Cornwall Township Officer listed as a patrolman on the Department’s website, is charged with obstructing law enforcement during civil disturbances, entering a restricted building, forcibly entering the Capitol grounds and showing off disorderly, behaving and obstructing the judiciary.

Authorities say he posted a video on Facebook showing the recorder entering the building and having a “physical encounter” with at least one police officer. Fischer is said to have been filmed on footage of the body of a police officer who was among those trying to force protesters out of the Capitol.

According to authorities

The next day, according to authorities, Fischer said on Facebook that there was “little destruction and some things stolen” but that things were “98% at peace.” The message also read: “We pushed the police about 25 meters. They were dirty and sprinkled with OK, but it was necessary to enter the capital to send a message that we, the people, have the real power. “”

Authorities say Fischer later said on Facebook that he “might need a new job” but “has no regrets” because “if that’s the price I have to pay to express my freedom and freedoms,” who I was born to and why therefore removed, then. “It must be the price …”

The North Cornwall Police Department said in a statement that the fisher have been suspended free of charge and that if citizens have the right to freedom of expression, they must be held accountable for their actions and that “the United States of America is a government . Of the laws I have sworn to obey. ”

“Neither the community nor any official or employee endorses, accepts or condones any alleged participation in a crime against the United States or any act of any person in violation of the United States Capitol. January 6, 2021,” it said in the statement. .

No attorney for Fischer is mentioned in court documents and it was not possible to leave a message on a number reserved for him. He sent himself a message requesting a comment to his police department email address.