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Who is Joseph Skipper ( Robber who punched Rosa Parks ook $53 from her is jailed ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Joseph Skipper

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The man Joseph Skipper who broke into Rosa Parks‘ house in Detroit and stole it was arrested for an almost identical crime in Grand Rapids, MLive reported.

Joseph Nathaniel Skipper Age

Joseph Nathaniel Skipper, 54, slapped Parks, then 82, before escaping for $ 53 in 1994. He was sentenced to eight to 15 years in prison a year later and released four years after the death of Parks in 2009.

Earlier this month, Grand Rapids police used DNA to link Skipper to a break-in and theft of a 74-year-old woman on New Years Day.

The incident happened just after midnight, the woman said when she woke up to hear someone rushing over. She confronted the man and ended up giving him “just under $ 50” before he left.

However, Skipper was injured during the break-in and left blood on a window. At the time, detectives were investigating a number of similar thefts. When questioned, Skipper reportedly confessed to the other incidents, but not the one in which the 74-year-old was involved.

He is currently on $ 65,000 bail on charges of several numbers of home invasions and break-ins, including the New Year’s Day incident.

Parks was briefly hospitalized after the 1994 flight and moved to a high-rise building after the incident. Skipper was questioned in prison shortly after her death and said he hoped to apologize to her personally.

“I’m going to go down in history as the man who stole Rosa Parks,” he told Detroit News. “I’m sorry she died. I hoped to get out in time to tell him I was sorry.

When he was finally released from prison, he immediately returned inside to attempt to steal jewelry from a church rectory. He was sentenced to five to ten years and released in August 2019.