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Who is Joseph William McDonald ( Man 23, Charged after killed his seven week old son ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Joseph William McDonald

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  • Joseph William McDonald, 23, admitted causing the death of his newborn son
  • The nine-week-old baby suffered severe head injuries at his home on October 24.
  • His father was playing the Playstation when he was frustrated and whipped
  • McDonald’s pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the Supreme Court of Victoria

A gambling addict who was having trouble with anger management admitted killing his son in a fit of rage.

Joseph William McDonald, 23, pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court of Victoria on Friday.

Their newborn Lucas was unable to be resuscitated when he suffered a severe head injury on October 24 last year at his home in Benalla, northeastern Victoria.

The court heard McDonald’s was in the middle of a PlayStation game when he got frustrated and hit the boy.

In the weeks leading up to the incident, she sought treatment online for anger management issues.

He also texted his partner Samatha Duckmanton apologizing for being the “worst parent” and “worst partner,” the Herald Sun reported.

In the same series of messages, he told her that he would put her and her children first and that he immediately “hated” what he had done to her.

A few weeks later, on October 24, Mrs. Duckmanton heard her son moan loudly in the kitchen.

His partner was in the living room with him, playing on PlayStation.

When she asked him what it was, he told her he was wrapping her up.

When Baby Lucas got his shots that morning, his mom thought he was simply having a side effect, which included refusing to drink milk.

But the boy did not improve overnight and after contacting the hospital several times, he took him to the emergency room of the Benalla hospital.

He was then taken to Monash Children’s Hospital before being pronounced dead on October 29.

When hospital staff told them the injuries did not appear to be an accident, Ms. Duckmanton confronted her partner.

At the time, he said he was putting too much pressure on the back of the boy’s brain stem.

Then he escaped from the hospital and started a nationwide persecution.

District Attorney Mark Gibson denied the two allegations made regarding the child’s injuries.

He told the court that medical evidence suggested the baby’s injuries were consistent with tremors or blunt trauma.

Death could have been caused by hitting the baby directly on the head or forcing him to hit an object.

In a statement read in court about the victim’s effects, the child’s shattered mother recalled the child who completed the family.

“I fell in love right away,” he says.

“You completely broke my trust, you absolutely betrayed me.” ”

“Lucas deserves to feel safe and protected by his father. You don’t deserve forgiveness, you don’t deserve the title of father.

McDonald’s will be sentenced later this month.