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Josh Wade
Josh Wade

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A VILE man threw a bag of his own feces on the head of an NHS worker during a harassment campaign.

Josh Wade repeatedly subjected his neighbors to “aggressive and vicious” behavior for more than two months before being arrested.

Wade, 22, saw his victim leave his Merseyside home shortly after 7am. get to work and follow her, he heard Liverpool Crown Court.

crime scene

He then grabbed the woman, who he said she was clearly identifiable as an NHS employee, before slapping her hand in the face and grabbing her poop bag.

The woman was left with feces smeared on her head and when police arrived at the crime scene on Ford Lane in Litherland, Wade was arrested.

Judge Rachel Smith spoke about the incident on October 1 last year and condemned Wade’s actions.

“The effect on them was instantaneous,” she said of the Liverpool Echo.

“The victim’s personal testimony element in her complaint shows how shameful, humiliating and terrifying she discovered the whole incident.

Wade, then 21, had previously admitted administering a harmful substance and possessing cannabis, and was sentenced to 14 months in prison.

He denied an allegation of harassment that made a person fearful of violence, claiming that he “threatened to shoot the woman”.

Prosecutors agreed to let it go because harassment of your neighbor was included in the harmful substance charge.

In defense, Lloyd Morgan told the court that Wade had “expressed remorse” during his interview with the police and “acknowledged the impact his horrific actions have had on his former neighbor.”

He added: “He stated, as he stated in his psychiatric report, that he would apologize if he had the opportunity.

“His first incarceration process had a significant and positive impact on him when he stopped using drugs. It eliminated this terrible suffering, which is the first time in a long time.”

Suffered from depression

The lawyer said Wade had previously suffered from depression and had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Western Australia “for some time for drug-related psychosis and other mental disorders.”

Morgan added: “In the cold light of day and without drugs, he suffers from his horrible behavior and, of course, from wishes that didn’t happen.”

Judge Smith told Wade it had been agreed that his request for a noxious substance charge included the facts of a “campaign to harass his neighbor.”

She said: “Against a long campaign of harassment from August to October last year that included aggressive and uncomfortable behavior towards her neighbor, on October 1 he followed her out of the house, ran to meet her, grabbed and slapped her. A hand in which you were holding a bag of your own excrement. “”

According to Justice Smith reports, Wade “had a long history of mental health problems, often exacerbated or caused by drug use.”

He said the incident had “an element of planning” as Wade “needed to find a bag, poop it and then use it as a weapon.”

“Of course, the repugnant and unsanitary nature of the crime shows a desire to humiliate, degrade and torture the victim,” added Judge Smith.

“The harmful effects of sticking with a poop bag speak for themselves.”

Wade of Ford Lane was jailed for five years and given a five-year restraining order that prevented him from contacting the victim, who said she felt “dirty” after the terrible accident.

The judge said it was “a pity” that the injunction prevented Wade from returning to his old home, but the victim and her partner had the right to be protected by him.

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