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Who is Joshua Colon ( Man Charged for role in theft of COVID-19 vaccines ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

Joshua Colon

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A Florida man, previously named “Paramedic of the Year” in the state, was charged after he told police he had a role in the alleged theft of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Joshua Colon, a Polk County paramedic who is also a training officer, was arrested Monday after allegedly tampering with tracking and consent forms to cover up the theft of doses of the Modern COVID-19 vaccine by a manager. , according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Department.

Colón, 31, was charged with four forgeries, four forgeries of instruments, four forgeries of medical records, two cases of creation of a fictitious identity card, as well as criminal use of identity cards and official misconduct, according to the press. fired from the sheriff’s office.

“The investigation is ongoing, including the administrator’s role in the theft of vaccines and the creation of fraudulent and falsified medical records,” said the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Statement from the sheriff’s office

According to a statement from the sheriff’s office, Colón received three vials of the COVID-19 vaccine on January 6 and was instructed to turn them over to the Polk County Fire Department the same day.

Colon later reported that he gave her 28 vaccinations and two were discarded before withdrawing the report from him. He gave her 27 shots and three were garbage.

Following a request, Colon provided only 21 completed test and consent forms and a journal. However, the diary contained 23 vaccines, which meant that two forms were missing.

Colon told authorities that he would obtain the missing information before later reporting three names of firefighters who he said had received the vaccines. Contacted during the investigation, the two firefighters said they never received their cans. The third name Columbus gave was that of someone who did not exist.

When the deputies later met with Colon, the paramedic admitted that he himself had drawn up and signed the three forms.

Colon told lawmakers that a supervisor joked with him about storing certain vaccines for the supervisor’s mother. He said the supervisor asked him to report missing vaccines as wasted.

According to Colon

He refused to provide these vaccines to her supervisor. At that time, the supervisor said that he would tell those in the chain of command that Colón sells vaccines outside of work,” the sheriff’s statement said. Offices.

Colon said he later noticed that three shots were missing when he returned from lunch. “Colon said that he did not ask his manager about the missing vaccines, but that he quickly became suspicious. Colon did not report the incident to anyone within the Polk County Fire Department,” the statement added.

In a statement to CNN, Colon’s attorney, David R. Carmichael, said his client “faced a very difficult situation when a manager asked Mr. Colon to give him unauthorized doses of the Covid vaccine for use by the families of their superiors. ” .

Colon, named “Paramedic of the Year” according to a Polk County Fire Department social media post for his actions following a car accident, was released on bail.

In his statement to CNN, Carmichael added that Colon “deeply regrets his weakness in not alerting the chain of command to the theft of the vaccine, taking responsibility for his mistake in covering up the theft and trying to protect his reputation. of the”. Agency, resigned from its publication. ”

According to NBC News, Colon’s supervisor is Capt. Anthony Damiano of the Polk County Fire Department. A spokesman for the Polk County Sheriff’s Department told the store that Damiano would be “on the loose” Tuesday afternoon and that the charges against him were “imminent.”