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Who is Joshua Docter ( Man charged with threatening Biden, Whitmer and Pelosi ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

Joshua Docter

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A Michigan man was charged with threatening to kill President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, authorities said Tuesday.

Joshua Docter, 21, of the Netherlands, was charged Monday in Ottawa County with terrorist threats and using a computer to commit a crime against Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Docter, who turned himself in to authorities Tuesday, was charged following an FBI investigation into comments authorities made on a social media platform called iFunny in January, Nessel said.

In the messages, Docter declared his intention to kill the trio of the chosen ones and that his death would be “the catalyst” for a new American revolution, Nessel said.

Docter also had information on how to make a bomb and places on his cell phone to find the necessary materials.

“Threatening elected officials is against the law and my office will prosecute those who attempt to intimidate or terrorize our state and federal leaders,” Nessel said in a statement announcing the allegations.

Docter, who was charged Tuesday, was ordered to attend a probable cause conference on April 8 and a preliminary review a week later, Nessel said.

In October, federal and state officials charged 14 men with conspiring to kidnap Whitmer, a Michigan governor elected by Democrats in 2018, for opposing his orders to stop the statewide coronavirus. Six people have been indicted in federal court, and eight other people who authorities say they have helped have been indicted in state court.

One of the six federal suspects, Ty Garbin, 25, pleaded guilty in January and said he would work “fully” with investigators to obtain a guilty plea for the kidnapping operation of the group known as the Wolverine Watchmen.

Earlier this month, a war veteran told a Michigan court how he became an FBI informant in the federal investigation. The man, identified only as Dan, said he heard about Wolverine Watchmen on social media and, after answering a few questions, was given access to his private online group.

But the weapons instructor said he was “alarmed” by speaking to police about the damage and contacted a friend of the police. The complainant also said that he participated in armed protests in the state capital and rural training exercises with the group last year.

One of the men tried in state court, Paul Bellar, wanted to “blow up the state capital,” Dan said.

A Jackson County judge will hear arguments on March 29 and determine if there is sufficient evidence to bring Bellar and two other men, Joe Morrison and Pete Musico, to justice. His attorneys insist they were not directly involved in the kidnapping or violence on Capitol Hill.