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Who is Joshua Moore ( Man kidnaps and robs woman over a suspected theft ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Criminal record, Victim, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Joshua Moore

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The Salt Lake City Police Department arrested a man Joshua Moore Saturday for kidnapping and robbing a woman along with other people.

Joshua Moore Age

Joshua Moore, 33, grabbed the victim by the neck and hair and dragged her through two apartment buildings to an apartment with other people. Moore stripped the victim and removed jewelry from him before he and the others attacked the victim for an alleged theft. During the flight, the victim suffered a bite, red spots on the neck, a bloody forehead and some of his teeth were knocked out. One of the other people involved in the crime reportedly shot the victim with a gun and a knife.

The statement indicates that the owner of the apartment asked Moore to remove the victim from the apartment. The victim tried to escape, but Moore continued to follow her, chasing her. He didn’t stop tracking the victim until she moved into another apartment.

The Moore apartment owner dragged the victim to the police station and said they saw him pull her hair and neck into her apartment. Other witnesses saw the victim being attacked and followed by a group of people.

Joshua Moore previously been arrested on November 19 for driving without insurance

Moore had previously been arrested on November 19 for driving without insurance and not reporting. He was arrested again on Saturday for an increased number of kidnappings and an increased number of thefts.

It is not known whether the other individuals involved in the attack were charged.



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