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Joshua Shenker

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A Florida man stole what was revealed to be a tagged police vehicle and ran it over in a wooded area, authorities said.

22-year-old Joshua Shenker was arrested Thursday after the accident for, among other things, theft of a motor vehicle, aggravated assault by a law enforcement officer, deprivation of a media officer, or protection and resistance against an officer. not violent. According to a report from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Officers responded to reports of a naked man walking on Interstate 10 west of Jacksonville just before noon Thursday. Shenker was lying on the street when the report said a police officer crossed the street. Shenker then walked along the highway lanes towards the officer, authorities said.

The modified report does not reveal how Shenker stole the vehicle. Authorities only confirmed that a Jacksonville city vehicle had been stolen. Initial Coast News News footage showed the vehicle involved in the crash was a reported patrol.

According to a police report, the vehicle was damaged for approximately $ 10,000.

Officials noted Shenker had a rash after the incident and took him to the hospital for examination, authorities said.

Shenker had a bond of $ 4,011. No lawyer was mentioned for him in the prison records.