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Who is Dawn Gentry? Wiki, Bio, Twitter, Allegation and Many More Facts to Know

Dawn Gentry

Judge Dawn Gentry Wiki Bio

A Kentucky Judge Dawn Gentry was accused of having a threesome in his room and allowing employees to get drunk at work.
Judge Dawn Gentry, a family court judge, is said to have given preferential treatment to lawyers who appeased their s*xual claims and gave to their election campaigns.

Dawn Gentry Age

She is 38 years old.

Dawn Gentry More Facts

She has now been charged with nine wrongdoings.
According to a survey conducted by the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission, she flirted with lawyers about Snapchat, lobbied her to sleep with her and, in one case, asked a lawyer to join her in a Threesome with her beloved pastor.
Once, she and the former pastor would have had a threesome with her secretary.
Gentry is a family judge in Kenton County, south of the Kentucky-Ohio border near Cincinnati.
According to people who have complained to the commission, she used the courthouse as a place of entertainment to have s*x with former pastors. Stephen Penrose. She and Penrose form a group together. According to Gentry’s ex-husband, they had an affair during their marriage. Penrose plays guitar in the band and Gentry plays bass.
Despite his relationship, Gentry Penrose has given a job as a court specialist.
She sent away the woman who could make room for her, they say.
She then tried to involve lawyers in her s*x life. Katherine Schulz sat with Gentry at a round table on cases of abused children.

Gentry hired the pastor, who became a guitarist, as a specialist. It is not known if he has legal experience
She claims that Gentry advised her to download Snapchat, then asked her to seduce her ex-husband, Brian Gentry, and join her in group s*x.

Stephen Penrose
Schulz stated in an affidavit that the Cincinnati Enquirer had received that Gentry was trying to sleep with her insane husband so that she could base her divorce on an infidelity.
She then asked Schulz to have s*x with her and Penrose at a legal conference, she said.
When she refused, her friendship became bad, she said. Schulz later resigned from the board.
Mike Hummel, who was also on the jury, said he was replaced by someone who donated four times as much as Gentry’s re-election.He says that she used her powers at the bank to collect donations.
The judge is now waiting for a disciplinary hearing to take place in the next two to three months. She denies the allegations.

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