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Who is Assad Hussain ( Man 23, Suspect charged with death caused by dangerous driving after a former mayor was killed ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Mayor, Incident details, Investigations & More Facts

Assad Hussain

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  • The former mayor of Bolton Gay Wharton, 58, was killed in a Friday hit and run
  • She was hit by a black Audi and died on the spot while walking to shops.
  • Assad Hussain, 23, was charged with death from dangerous driving
  • This is on Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court tomorrow morning.

A man was charged with death caused by dangerous driving after a former mayor was killed in an accident while out and about in shops.

Assad Hussain, 23, was arrested after Gay Wharton, 58, former Bolton mayor, was killed in a terrible accident Friday.

Wharton, a grandmother, was heading towards town when races were hit by a black Audi just after noon.

She was declared dead on the spot, despite the efforts of the doctors trying to save her life.

Officials said the driver escaped the crash site on Chorley New Road in Bolton, Gtr Manchester, at 24:05.

But a man was arrested shortly after, said a police spokesman in Greater Manchester.

Hussain has been arrested and is due to appear in the Wigan and Leigh Trial tomorrow.

Mrs. Wharton was well known in town for her community service, especially a women’s shelter, and has even set up a breakfast club for military veterans.

His grandmother, who worked with Russell and Russell’s lawyers, was mayor alongside Cllr Martin Donaghy in 2014.

Donaghy paid tribute to the mayor, who also worked at Sainsbury.

He said: “ Gay one of our coaches is Sainsbury’s save and it has been very reluctant to be mayor.

But I thought no, she was going to be one of my predecessors, and it really got me blooming in the role.

And she went on to work after her year as mayor, especially in connection with the Fortalice, because she believed what she represented.

“Someone was so caring and attentive.

“I am of course devastated and my thoughts are with my husband Steve and his family.”

The current Mayor of Bolton, Cllr Linda Thomas, said she was “devastated” by the death of Ms. Wharton.

He added: “ Gay has been a good friend for many of us. He touches so many lives and we all love them.

“It was an exemplary mayor and continued his excellent work as an ambassador and fundraiser for Fortalice.

“Gay has made an enormous contribution to the life of this city, we will miss him.

“Our thoughts are with his family, to whom we all think.”

Gill Smallwood, chief executive of Fortalice, met Mrs. Wharton when she was mayor and said the couple “got off right away” and became friends.

She said Mrs. Wharton was “happy” to be invited to become a godmother, and they have worked hard for victims of domestic violence since.

Gill said: “ She has always been at the forefront of fundraising for us.

“He organized the Christmas market for us, the mayor and always accompanied me to events.

“ It has always been a fundraiser for us, fundraisers and above us. It was a wonderful boss with a big heart.

“ That was one of the nicest people I have ever met. We miss you a lot, not just as a boss, but as a very special friend to me.

The Head of the Council from Bolton, Cllr David Greenhalgh, said:  Gay was one of Cllr Donaghy’s greatest and has been a friend to many of us around the world, involved in numerous charities and fundraisers where he could.

“Always with a smile on his face, always supported, always committed to improving the fortunes of others.

“Our thoughts and the love of all of us counsel with his family for this tragic news.”

Andrew Sergeant Investigation Unit page on GMP Severe Collision said: “ Unfortunately a woman died after this incident and our thoughts are with his family and relatives so they can accept this terrible news.

“ This confrontation took place in broad daylight so we want to appeal to all those who may have been in the region they submitted to this investigation and help the police at the time.

“We are particularly interested in talking to someone who experienced the collision or can have pictures of the vehicle.”